Location Shooting

Unless you work on a multicam show, you’ll probably spend some time shooting on location. If you work in the office, this means printing maps

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A Jogger’s Query

Joe, who is healthier than either you or me, writes in: I’ve worked as a PA, as an AD, and Location Assistant, which has all

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How to Make a Sign

A job that comes up more often than you might think– making direction signs. Most production offices have some sort of conference room, which is

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Company Move

Reader Andrew writes in: There’s a line on the latest that says “company move.” Why would this be in the schedule? Wouldn’t moving the production

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Think About It

Just about every time I post a new joblist, someone emails or tweets me, “Hey, TAPA, are all of these jobs for LA?” or something

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My Location

You don’t ever want a show filming in your neighborhood, or worse, your own apartment building. You will find out EXACTLY what kind of area

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Locations and Set PAs

In case you don’t read the comments, I thought it best to reprint Nathan’s comment on my previous post: Location Managers (and ALM’s) never hire the Set

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House Guests

Ken Levine recently wrote a post about Eliza Dushku not swimming in his pool.  A location scout from Dollhouse wanted to shoot at his place,

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