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Whom I Refer

Unemployment 2012 will come to an end on Monday. I finally got a job. In the last few days, I’ve been offered four other jobs. Naturally,

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I saw the best minds of my generation… take their shows to Louisiana. Okay, maybe that’s a slight exaggeration, but more and more, it seems

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Zero Experience

Katie writes: I am wondering what my resume should look like if I have absolutely ZERO experience in the entertainment/PA world. My background is in

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The Decision

I’m currently an Office PA on a studio film. It definitely has its perks, but it’s not without its troubles (which I’ve documented in detail).

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UTA Joblist on TAPA

I’ve blogged about the joblist before, but for those of you who don’t know, it’s a basically just a list of job openings, compiled by

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Art Project

When you’re looking for a job, scanning Craig’s List is a constant source of both humor and horror.  Case in point: Bondage Art Project (North

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