Amazon Rentals

Jamie writes in: I just got a job as a PA (really an unpaid intern) on an independent movie. They put with the production designer

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Ageism in Hollywood

Dianne writes in about ageism in Hollywood: Like most people who patrol your site I’m seeking work in the industry. However, I finished college 8

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You Have to Take Risks

Eric writes: I’ve been seeing a lot of postings for part time assistant positions. Is this the new wave of employment/new way of business since

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Hand Delivery

Ivan the Intern writes in: The other day, I had to drop off some packages at Fedex to be shipped. As I was leaving, an

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Nosce te Ipsum

Krista writes in: I am about to graduate high school and was searching for possible internships and PA jobs I could do over the summer

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Video Interviews – Not a Thing

Sarah asks: I’m wondering if you’re familiar with interns/internships in the industry. I’ve applied to an internship with [studio]’s television development department, and I’ve received

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When Will I Get Paid?

Emily writes in1: I recently worked for a major out-of-town TV show as a casting assistant, though it was technically my first time casting. Before

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What Can a Teenager Do?

Alexandria writes in: I’m a 17 year old aspiring filmmaker/screenwriter. I’m consistently making my own shorts, writing scripts, entering into festivals, etc. However, I really

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