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Aliens in America

Jason writes:
Do you have any idea on how the industry deals with foreigners? Do people from outside the US even have a shot at a PA (or similar) job? For higher positions I’d assume they’ll prefer resume over country of … Continue reading

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Full Time Work in a Freelance Industry

I know, I know, it’s been a while since I’ve posted.

I do have an excuse, though.  The show I’ve been on lo these many months has “stopped production.”  A nice euphemism for “cancelled.”  We’re done.
Needless to say, I’ve been spending … Continue reading

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How a Set Should Be

Taylor commented on an old post, yesterday:
You are stupid sir. Locations arrives first and leaves last. Don’t repeat things you don’t understand
He (she?) may or may not have realized that s/he was commenting on an auto-comment that’s generated every time … Continue reading

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No Lions

rather pathetic comments:
great example here people. if you work long enough as a PA, you will hate life. please please please take this blog with a grain of salt.
A few years ago, the Internet went down in my dorm.  Everyone … Continue reading

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I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again– nothing we do in Hollywood matters. We’re not doctors or soldiers or police or fire fighters. No one’s going to die if we make a bad TV show.
There are a few … Continue reading

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No Pay

I received two different, but related, emails in the last few days.
Matt writes:
I’ve been combing Craigs List and Mandy.com for a while and I tend to notice that like, every single ad or call for a PA is indefinitely nonpaying. … Continue reading

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Do Me a Favor

Hollywood is built on favors, but some people don’t seem to realize that.
I’m making a short film. Just about the only way to make a decent short, without going broke, is to borrow equipment and get your friends to work … Continue reading

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There’s a curious inconsistency I’ve noticed in the way film industry address each other.
No one is ever called “Mr. Spielberg,” or “Ms. Ephron.”  It’s “Steve” and “Nora.”  Even if you’ve just met the person, you’re instantly on a first-name basis. … Continue reading

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I’ve found a distinct lack of sympathy for my current joblessness.
In the business, you’re in and out of work all the time.  You get used to it pretty quickly.  But when you’re friends and family hear that your show just … Continue reading

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My Last Political Post, I Swear!

This week, anyway.
John Rogers has posted a clarification about the whole “self-pitying self-indulgent narcissist” thing.  He didn’t mean for it to apply to all conservatives who feel bullied around town.  Fair enough.
I think he was referring to me to me … Continue reading

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