Hollywood Juicer

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Reading Material

I’ve been gearing up for the next TAPA Networking Event (Saturday, March 31st, mark your calendar!). We’ve got some guests lined up, including an Academy

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Let Me Get Back To You

There’s certain key phrases every PA should know: “Yes.” (Except when the answer is No.) “It won’t happen again.” “It’s Thursday. Yes, payroll checks are

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A Link to the Past

It’s finally hiatus! So, instead of writing a post, I’m just going to recommend a bunch of links. First up, some fellow below-the-line bloggers have

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Out Times

Marvin asks: What is the process of getting “out times” from the working trucks? One of the more important aspects of the is recording the

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What Is Success?

Mike, the Hollywood Juicer, sent me an interesting blog post written by Gorman Bechard. You should read it. Seriously, click on that link, then come

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Quoting Smarter People

Michael the Hollywood Juicer made an interesting a comment on yesterday’s post, and I’m certainly not above reprinting someone else’s work and calling it a

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The Hollywood Juicer wrote about a director on his blog recently: it seemed clear that he considered the camera operators and production support people (ADs,

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New Year’s Links

Like many Americans, I’m busy looking for a job.  I’m just more used to it than most. So, instead of writing a real post, here’s

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