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Gloria Swanson in Sunset Blvd

Going Hollywood

Alex writes in: I am about to graduate from university this month. I recently discovered your blog and am a big fan, I appreciate the

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An Office PA’s place is in the office. (Any loyal readers want to embroider that on a pillow for me?) So when an Office PA

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Key is the key

Oscar writes: Hi there, I read most of your site and enjoyed it a lot… But what I’ve failed to find info on online is

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How a Set Should Be

Taylor commented on an old post, yesterday: You are stupid sir. Locations arrives first and leaves last. Don’t repeat things you don’t understand He (she?)

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Not Impressed

People often ask why I don’t invite my wife to visit the set. She’s a civilian (what we call someone who doesn’t work in the

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A lot of time on set is spent sitting around, waiting for other people to do their jobs. You gotta wait for the actors to

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Killing the Joke

Here’s a classic joke, told on film sets around the world, that I absolutely love. A producer, a director, and a DP are scouting locations.

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Some people are shy. Actors, generally, are not. A certain actor, let’s call him “Mick Molte,” would regularly show up on set wearing nothing but

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