One Subject Per Email

The One Subject Email You probably noticed people are busy. Like, all the time. Even when they have a moment to relax, they’ll probably spend

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The Match Game

This is another one of those things I keep seeing when I help people with their resume and cover letter: the name on your resume

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Email Miscellany

I’ve noticed a trend in emails, lately– footers that are dozens of lines long. This is a bad trend. Don’t do it. The end of

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Resume Paper

Eric writes in: When I go to an interview, should I print out my resume on nice resume paper or is regular copy paper okay?

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Send Button Anxiety

“Hey, TAPA, can you send out tomorrow’s call sheet? The email is already saved in the ‘Drafts’ folder.” That’s how it starts. Pretty soon, you’re

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Emailing Strangers

Danielle asks: I recently graduated college, during which I had internships on the corporate side of three different television stations (all headquartered in NYC). Since

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