Shit Happens

I just saw this post on Reddit: Christopher Nolan breaks the 180 degree rule in The Dark Knight Can anyone explain why he did it,

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There’s still time to win box seats at the Staples Center, thanks to CAPS Payroll. * * * Evan G decided to respond to a

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Don’t Move!

I have a hard time getting into the Emmys. Unlike, say, the Oscars, there are way too many nominees for me to have seen everything

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Conference Call

A friend of mine is working in post on a sequel to a big budget movie that you’ve heard of and probably didn’t enjoy very

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Secret Origins

Green PA commented on a post from a couple weeks ago, “The Curse of the Origin Story”: I recently got very lucky and was able

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Earning It

One of the basic tenets of the American Dream is the idea that hard work will be rewarded. This simple belief is what gets most

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How to Impress

A friend of mine discovered I write this blog, and is now playing a rousing game of “Guess the Roman à Clef.” She hasn’t gotten

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Be Prepared

Yesterday, we had a table read (meaning the actors read the script in front of the producers and network executives). The only thing you need

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I’ve met Bryan Singer twice. The first time, he came as a guest judge for a student film competition at my school. This was before

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