How to Write a Blog

Matt wrote in: I just finished reading your post “It’s Not What You Know, It’s Who You Know..And Also What You Know.” I agree, what

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What I’ve Been Up To

Dear Constant Reader, I want to apologize for the dearth of regular programming here at The Anonymous Production Assistant. I’ve been on location1 for the

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New Layout

If you go to the main TAPA site, you’ll see I’ve changed the layout. I felt like the column on the right was getting unwieldy, and

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Big Move

As you may have noticed, there’s been some changes around TAPA. I found a replacement TAPA, who is an excellent writer and very knowledgeable about

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It’s a Habit

So, I haven’t written here in a while, and the reason is… there is no reason. Between being unusually busy at work and working on

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Call for Stories

I’ve been writing this blog for over a year now.  My original intention was to write a new post every day.  These last few weeks

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Colorful Response

Just over a week ago, I related an anecdote about the producer’s assistant indirectly checking that the intern was doing her job correctly. A lot

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Happy Anniversary!

I started this blog one year ago., and it’s time for a little reflection, I think. My goal was to write something, every day, even

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Links in the Chain

WordPress has some neat features (much more so than Blogger or, God help us, Myspace, both of which I’ve used).  My favorite, besides the chart

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