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Who Do You Work For?

Judging by the comments on last week’s post, I’ve been a little too cute when discussing the question of who you work for. The truth is, there are several valid answers, depending on what you really want to know.
Working on … Continue reading

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Joining the DGA

Madeline writes in:
I have a lot of questions and they relate to DGA so I apologise if they aren’t the right questions for this blog. I did try to do my own DGA research but I’m very confused.
Once your in … Continue reading

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Seeking Decent ADs and Coordinators

It’s very easy to complain about your boss. Nobody likes to be told what to do, and the very definition of “boss” is someone who tells you what to do. Sometimes they’re crazy or irrational or just plain mean.
But you … Continue reading

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How Long Is This Gonna Take

Ryan writes in:
I’ve seen you answer questions from people asking if they’re too young to be a PA, but I’ve only seen one person who said they’re too old, and they were 24.
I’m 28 , soon to be 29, and … Continue reading

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Making the Jump

Andrew writes in:
I’ve recently (a month ago) started reading your blog and I’ve got to say it is awesome! It’s such a great resource for information that would otherwise be hidden by the exclusivity of film sets. I also love … Continue reading

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How To Randomize A Crowd

Most of the time, you’re not going to deal with more than a handful of extras in any one scene. That’s because extras are people, too, and people cost a lot of money.
Still, every once in a while, you’ll get … Continue reading

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Managing Background Actors

If you follow me on Twitter, you might have heard some of my frustrations with background actors on a small shoot I was helping out on.
First of all, bear in mind that I definitely did not say any of these … Continue reading

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How to Run a Production Meeting

Dax asks:
I’ve experienced several different production meetings. Two seem to be the most common.
The first AD reads through the script in scene order and then through the one liner in schedule order. if this is correct? If so, should the … Continue reading

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How Many Languages Do YOU Speak?

I had a coordinator once who was Vietnamese. She’s been in America for a couple of decades, so she didn’t have much of an accent, but she still occasionally got colloquialisms wrong. For instance, she would say, “Do you grab … Continue reading

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2nd AD Anthony Robinson

Podcast: Play in new window | Download
Today’s guest is a 2nd AD who got into the DGA the hard way– by earning his days as a set PA. It is not easy.
Anthony Robinson tells us about everything from buying lunch … Continue reading

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