art department

Amazon Rentals

Jamie writes in: I just got a job as a PA (really an unpaid intern) on an independent movie. They put with the production designer

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Asking For Help

Kristen writes in: I’ve spent the better part of today reading your blog. First off, thank you. I learned a lot and the honest, tough-love

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Taking Advantage

So there you are, working your ass off as a PA, running around and doing ridiculous tasks that you will never be able to properly

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I Did That

I was walking through the set the other day with the art department PA. The script called for a scene in a hair salon, but

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Working Together

My old boss used to tell me, “Hollywood is just high school with money.” This is often especially true of productions, where each department forms

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All That You Can See

In keeping with last week’s post, I was talking with our construction coordinator about how sets are built.  In the middle of the conversation, he

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Clean Up

After you’ve been in the Industry long enough, it’s hard to watch good television without thinking about how hard it must’ve been to make. Take

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