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There’s still time to win box seats at the Staples Center, thanks to CAPS Payroll.
* * *
Evan G decided to respond to a six-year-old post about an asshole director. I wasn’t around at the time, but as the current keeper … Continue reading

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Casting Is Harder Than You Think

Reader Sean writes in:

I was wondering if you could shed some light on casting directors, and why they’re ATL. Seems like a pretty easy job to me. “Oh, YOU’RE the one that thought Tom Hanks would be great in that role! What … Continue reading

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I Hate Directors

You have to be at least slightly psychologically damaged to be above the line.  “Above the line” refers to producers, directors, writers, and actors, also known as “talent.”
I refuse to call them “talent,” though.  If they’re talent, what the hell … Continue reading

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Be Prepared

Yesterday, we had a table read (meaning the actors read the script in front of the producers and network executives). The only thing you need to bring to a table read is your script.
Guess what the director didn’t bring.
Besides his … Continue reading

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