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Before you decide to write me an email asking advice on how to find a job, first use the search bar on the right.  Or, click on the “Finding a Job” category.  Or, if you’re too lazy even for that, here’s some specific posts:

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Taking a Risk.

Can You Be a PA and a Student at the Same Time?

Who Hires a PA?

Touching Base.

Following Up, or Pestering?

Who Needs a Car?

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How to Move Up to Scripted TV.

If you still have a question about finding a job, feel free to email me.


  1. Here is what I know about Cassie Thomas, the biggest cunt of CBS Televisions Human Resources. She’s a manipulative bitch who lies to everyone and pretends to think she knows what she’s doing over there. They need to get rid of her.

  2. Awesome tips! Especially the car bit. So many people try to say “No, you don’t need a car. There are ways around it.” But, I’ve realized that is not quite the case, particularly if you want to PA. It’s expected of you.

  3. Hi,

    I am new to the film industry. I have done a few unpaid short films to gain experience as a PA and I am now trying to find paid jobs. Have you tried the IMDB Pro subscription to help find jobs and gather production company/office information? Thanks so much!


  4. What up!!
    I just moved to Los Angeles from Boise, Idaho, 6 months ago. I went to the University of Idaho and majored in Theater. I had zero connections in the “biz” and was able to find a job using several different sources. Check these out,

    Does anyone know of any entertainment networking groups that meet in the LA area on a regular basis??


  5. Do exec asst’s to producers usually get paid more once a film is in production? In other words, there is the normal weekly rate or whatever, but when a film finally gets greenlit– is any of the production money used for the asst’s? I see they are often credited on the films.

  6. Hey Guys! 🙂

    I am working as a receptionist at the moment in London for an Ad Agency! I am looking to get into production and eventually the dream is to work in LA in a role I love 🙂
    The only problem is that I don’t have a specific job role that I’m aiming for because I don’t know specifically what I want to do. This was until I came across the idea of production assistant/production co ordinator; this is something that has interested me increasingly over the past year or so . I’m not sure of the best way to move into this – not having done this role before do you guys think its better to apply for only junior positions or just blag it and jump straight in?



  7. I just have a few questions

    1) to be a pa, do u go to film school, are higher ranking positions available to film school grads?

    2) What studio do you work for?

    3) What films are you and have you worked on?

  8. Great blog, just want to let you know I have PA’d for many years and have made a great tool to find jobs.

    Check it out at

    Find your city and it will gather all of the film & tv jobs going on in your area. This is not BS it really works and updates every minute with hundreds of jobs.

    Good luck out there man,


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