Daily Time Sheet

Each department must report to accounting the hours that each member of their crew worked on each day. This is done via the “daily time

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Day Out of Days

A chart that lists every single cast member, and the days they will be required to be on set. Usually attached to the . Some shows

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Also known as a One-Line Schedule. It’s a brief schedule that lays out every scene (one line each) in shooting order. Usually, it’s short and

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Prep Schedule

Prep Schedules generally cover the upcoming week, listing times for important meetings and scouts. It tends to focus on what the prepping director is doing,

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Production Report

A production report is exactly what you’d expect— a report on what the production did that day. Usually, it’s filled out by the ADs at

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Purchase Order

A purchase order is a both a promise to a vendor that you’ll send them a check (someday), and a record of purchases/rentals/etc. They’re often

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Shooting Schedule

A much more detailed schedule than the . It contains a breakdown of every scene, listing props, costumes and set decorations, special equipment for each

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Start Work

AKA “Start paperwork” or “start packet.” This is the paperwork you must fill out every time you start a new show. It tends to include

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Time Card

A form you have to fill out on a weekly basis in order to get paid. As a general rule, you can ignore most of

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