Base Camp

The gathering of crew and cast trailers, located near the set and/or stage. It’s the central organizing place everything, from people to equipment, that’s not

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First Team

The actors with speaking roles in a given scene, the director, the 1st AD, the cinematographer, and any necessary(ish) producers. These are all people who

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Flat Rate

Being paid a set amount, no matter how many hours you work. Great if you only work seven hours! Terrible if you work fourteen.

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Everything is a show, not just television series. Doesn’t matter if you’re working on a movie, a commercial, a music video; it’s a show. I

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Tech Scout

A location scout that involves most of the department heads. They go to each of the locations for the episode (or film), and discuss the

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Turn Around

The time between your wrap and your start the next day. The minimum turn around is different for each department.

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Video Village

Years ago, Jerry Lewis (yes, that Jerry Lewis) created the “video tap,” a video camera connected to the film camera by a beam splitter, so

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