Thank You!

The producers would like to thank (in order of appearance):

Andrew Rivard – Assistant Editor, Post Production Assistant

Tucci – Production Assistant

Anonymous Donor – The 2nd most anonymous person on this site.

Adam Bradshaw – Production Assistant

Chris Henry – Production Assistant, Sound Recordist

Eddie Quintana – Writer’s PA

Brittany Sterrett – Production Assistant

Something’s Awry ProductionsFilmmakers

Jason Cullen – Production Assistant

Brandon Williams – Cool Guy

Calvin Starnes – Also a Cool Guy

Reid NicewonderCinematographer

Brandon Seevers – Production Assistant

Kara Espy – Production Assistant

Kim BrownProject Coordinator

Zelyna BeckProduction Assistant

Tiffany BrewerProduction Assistant

Johnny North – Cinematographer (and possible private investigator)

Joss Whedon – My Hero

Lindsay Dick – Awesome Chick

Marco Moreno Flores – Most Names

Erin Gallagher – Assistant Editor

Bryan CookDirector of Photography

Rachel J. Allen – PhD Candidate

Brett McCabe – Production Assistant

John Iwasz – Writer/Director

Trieste Wortman – Producer

Ken PetrieSpecial Effects Technician

Orry Klainman – Historian

Evan LuziCamera Assistant

Alex Forey – Artist

Alex Federman – Critic

Owen BensonCamera Assistant

Brian Wenrich – Travel Coordinator & Art Department Coordinator

Jessica Norris – Production Assistant

Cameron Trejo – Producer

Michael L. Worrall – Editor and Backpacker

Tim McDaniel – Production Assistant

Thash Mose – Student Filmmaker

Germaïne Rigg – Producer

Katherine Grace – Locations

Brian Aichlmayr – Camera Assistant

Andrew Naugle – Film Student

Murjani SowellActor

Jasmine Gutierrez – Casting Assistant

Antoine Dupont-Guerra – Architect, Cinematography Student

Lauri  Dahl – Lawyer

Sarah Joynt Borger – Filmmaker

Heather HaleWriter/Director

Allie Shields – Associate Producer

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