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I Fucked Up

Originally, this post was going to be titled “Lessons Learned,” but that was going too easy on myself. I fucked up, and I apologize.
That’s hard to admit when you’re the supposed “expert” that people write to for advice. But instead … Continue reading

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Joining the DGA

Madeline writes in:
I have a lot of questions and they relate to DGA so I apologise if they aren’t the right questions for this blog. I did try to do my own DGA research but I’m very confused.
Once your in … Continue reading

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The Anonymous Production Assistant Book

The Anonymous Production Assistant has been around for eight years. Eight years. That means, if you’re graduating from film school now, this blog has been going since you were in junior high.
In that time, there has been over a thousand … Continue reading

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The Best Book on Directing I’ve Ever Read

First of all, if you haven’t been to the library since you graduated, you’re missing out. They’ve got millions of book, and they just give them away. For free!
And if you’re having flashbacks of the card catalogue and Dewey decimal … Continue reading

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Incorrect Credits

Ryan writes in:
My first feature film I ever worked on was recently released.
After seeing fellow friends and crew members post pictures of their name in the credits, I noticed mine was there, too. It was listed wrong on two accounts: … Continue reading

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Peak Job Opportunities

If you hadn’t heard the good news, I’m happy to be the first to tell you. In 2015, there were 409 scripted television series. That’s not reality, news, MOWs, specials, soaps, or kids shows.
John Landgraf calls this “peak TV,” and … Continue reading

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In Defense of the Valley

I was exchanging emails with a reader about my resume service, and at one point, he wrote this:
I just got hired for my first assistant position (for a writer/director) out in the valley. I hope it’s not porn.
People make fun … Continue reading

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Survival Jobs

Racquel writes in:
I’m an aspiring scripted TV writer who’s been living in LA for almost 4 months now and am scrambling to survive financially. I’ve been utilizing TAPA, the UTA joblist, EntertainmentCareers, LinkedIn, Mandy, the Friedman Agency, and any person … Continue reading

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A Bad Movie Is Still a Good Job

I’m a big fan of On The Media, especially their off-air podcast interviews. Last week, they had a fascinating conversation with Alec Baldwin:

I recommend listening to the whole thing, but the salient point for my readers is about nine and … Continue reading

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Copyright Infringement

Yesterday, I got a bizarre email, with the above headline as the subject. I’ve never had anything like it before. I was using a random photo I found on the internet to illustrate a point about a certain product or … Continue reading

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