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Post-Graduate Degrees & Another Kickstarter Movie

Jaelin writes in:
What is your opinion of the PhD in regards to Film, Cinema, Production, and the like? I know I do not need one for my personal career aspirations but I have always wanted one because one of my … Continue reading

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Breaking and Entering (This Post Is Not What You Think)

No advice, today. Just a feel-good story about some folks who are just like you, trying to make it in the Industry. Here’s the trailer for Breaking and Entering, a web series about Hollywood assistants–

For those of you not in … Continue reading

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So, I Have This Weird Idea…

I was thinking it might be fun to create a TAPA webcomic. Sometimes, words just aren’t enough to convey the craziness and stupidity on set. A weekly or bi-weekly comic would be another way to show future PAs what they’re … Continue reading

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Fred Savage and CBS Can Go to Hell

I know what you guys are thinking. You read the story on Deadline about CBS buying the rights to a blog about life as a Hollywood assistant, with plans to turn it into a pilot. By now, you know that … Continue reading

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I Saved Latin

This is how I feel about the haters in the comment threads:
While I appreciate the feedback, it’s tough to take you seriously when your email address is “”.

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UTA Joblist and Podcast

The new UTA list is up on the site.
* * *
One of the hosts of Too Much Film School replied to yesterday’s post:
Thanks for the shout out! I didn’t know we had any celwebrities listening.
If you do like the podcast, … Continue reading

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Interview Advice

Since I’m looking for a new job right now, a former boss gave me some advice about interviewing: “Don’t want the job too badly.”
People don’t like to see desperation. They want to see calm and confident. Someone who’s desperate for … Continue reading

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I’m preparing my taxes right now. (Side note: I hate math.) I don’t actually “prepare” my taxes. An accountant does that. I simply go through a year’s worth of Starbucks and Jack in the Box receipts and try to figure … Continue reading

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The Unemployment Card

I’ve been on and off of unemployment (insurance) for the last four years, but last week, I was surprised to find a new debit card in my mailbox instead of the usual biweekly check. California, along with thirty-nine other states, … Continue reading

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So This Is The New Year…

I’m going to take a break from my usual rants about things that annoy me in Hollywood. The vitriol-masked-as-humorous-annoyance will be back again soon. Until then, I want to talk about new year’s resolutions.
We’re two-and-a-half weeks into the new year, … Continue reading

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