The Anonymous Production Assistant

New Beginnings…

I’m usually the last person to need motivation, when it comes to work. I love what I do, but that doesn’t mean I have a

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The Remember Letter

The film industry is notorious for its transience. Finding steady work is like finding the fountain of youth: chasing a mirage. Back in the golden

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PA Rate

A reader who didn’t sign her email and has an incomprehensible list of letters and numbers for an address (at, of all domain names)

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Phoning It In

As an office PA, if you’re not driving somewhere, you’re probably answering the phone. What surprises me is how many office PAs aren’t doing it

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Michael asks: Do you think that having “Objective: Seeking work as a Staff Set PA/Office PA or as an Additional PA/Dayplayer” on your resume is

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Making Friends

Jurebro commented on last week’s post: You mention that it’s hard to have a girlfriend while a PA because of the hours. Is it generally

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