I Hate Your Work

Recently, I got rejected. Not by a significant other or a friend, or even an employer like this blog usually focuses on. I had a client

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PA vs. PA

This happens all the time with people new and/or unfamiliar with the industry: they get Production Assistant and Personal Assistant confused. PA vs. PA. Yet there

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Polite or Timid?

A PA’s struggle for self-respect is neverending. We’re at the bottom of things, we hold no power, we have fifty bajillion bosses, and we deal

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Carmageddon came and went and as usual, thing in LA are overhyped. The end of things passed and it didn’t make a difference. Except that

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Film School Explosion

The New York Times recently wrote up a story about the current surge in Film School applicants: for example, 4,800 students applied for 300 spots

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Life’s Not Fair

Running the same train if thought as political hires, I recall a specific event that happened on a previous gig that hammered home how unfair

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Key is the key

Oscar writes: Hi there, I read most of your site and enjoyed it a lot… But what I’ve failed to find info on online is

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