The Anonymous Production Assistant

Resume Basics

Received a few resumes from some youngsters. (When did I get so old? Oh God, am I The Old PA?! Nooooooo!) They were rife with rookie

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The N-Word

Maybe it goes without saying, but considering that one of the PAs on my show said it to me last week, I’m going to go

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Always Bring Candles

Production offices celebrate more birthday parties than Chuck E. Cheese. And they’re usually spontaneous. Someone notices on Facebook that the creepy girl from accounting is

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No Crying in Baseball

You’ve got problems. Your girlfriend dumped you. Your little sister ran away from home. Your parents got a divorce. A family member died. You sliced

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Send Button Anxiety

“Hey, TAPA, can you send out tomorrow’s call sheet? The email is already saved in the ‘Drafts’ folder.” That’s how it starts. Pretty soon, you’re

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“Just” a PA

When you tell people what you do for a living, there’s a tendency to undersell yourself. You say you’re “just” a PA. Stop doing that.

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Whom I Refer

Unemployment 2012 will come to an end on Monday. I finally got a job. In the last few days, I’ve been offered four other jobs. Naturally,

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