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Resume Basics

Received a few resumes from some youngsters. (When did I get so old? Oh God, am I The Old PA?! Nooooooo!) They were rife with rookie mistakes. I’ve said all these things on the blog before, but for those of you … Continue reading

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Not ‘Till You Book It

When I was first starting out, I told my parents about every interview I went on, every potential job offer that came my way, every good parking space I found on lunch runs.
Oh, how years in Hollywood have jaded me.
Now, … Continue reading

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Fred Savage and CBS Can Go to Hell

I know what you guys are thinking. You read the story on Deadline about CBS buying the rights to a blog about life as a Hollywood assistant, with plans to turn it into a pilot. By now, you know that … Continue reading

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One Big Happy Family

When you work in a production office, you spend long hours with the same people for months. You get to know each other. You learn their favorite and least favorite foods. You  talk about dating and relationships and your families … Continue reading

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The N-Word

Maybe it goes without saying, but considering that one of the PAs on my show said it to me last week, I’m going to go ahead and say it explicitly. It is never, ever, EVER okay to say the N-word … Continue reading

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Always Bring Candles

Production offices celebrate more birthday parties than Chuck E. Cheese. And they’re usually spontaneous. Someone notices on Facebook that the creepy girl from accounting is celebrating a birthday. Quick! Send a P.A. to CVS to buy a funny, unoffensive card. … Continue reading

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For Those of You With Aspirations

For those of you who dream of getting paid to write (or direct or production design or shoot or whatever else), I highly recommend reading Kelly Oxford’s recent Tumblr post.
A little background info: Kelly Oxford is a super-smart writer whose … Continue reading

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No Crying in Baseball

You’ve got problems. Your girlfriend dumped you. Your little sister ran away from home. Your parents got a divorce. A family member died. You sliced your finger open. The kitchen ran out of your favorite kind of yogurt.
But you know … Continue reading

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Send Button Anxiety

“Hey, TAPA, can you send out tomorrow’s call sheet? The email is already saved in the ‘Drafts’ folder.”
That’s how it starts. Pretty soon, you’re drafting the email yourself. After that, the 2nd AD is emailing them to you directly instead … Continue reading

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It’s Always About the Food

On my new show, I’m responsible for  in the morning, lunch midday, and coffee in the afternoon. If it’s a late night, I’ve got to cover dinner, as well. It sounds menial and tedious, largely because it is.
But that doesn’t … Continue reading

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