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Does a Theater Degree Count Against Me

Jimmy writes in:
I have a bachelors and a masters in theatre. I never intended to break into the entertainment industry as a Production Assistant, but I now have decided that that is where I want to start. I trained to … Continue reading

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Don’t Be a Flake

One of the most important qualities in a PA is reliability. Your boss, whether an AD or production coordinator or whatever, wants to know that when she gives you a task, you will get it done.
Your job is, naturally, to … Continue reading

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Changing Careers

Peter writes in:
After three years in law enforcement, I’ve decided on a career change. With the long-term goal of going into talent representation, what type of positions should I be applying for? The standard assistant/receptionist positions? Or, should I be … Continue reading

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Will Working on a Christian Movie Hurt My Career?

Will writes in:
I’ve had a decent PA career in Atlanta, working on several movies and TV series. But I’m moving to Los Angeles soon, because I really want to write.
One of the movies I worked on was an explicitly Christian … Continue reading

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Use Your Boredom

Kelly asks:
I was in film school and started this internship at a film production company here in Hollywood. I learned a lot, but just as I was ready to leave they hired me for 6 months to run their office … Continue reading

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How to Run a Production Meeting

Dax asks:
I’ve experienced several different production meetings. Two seem to be the most common.
The first AD reads through the script in scene order and then through the one liner in schedule order. if this is correct? If so, should the … Continue reading

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The Match Game

This is another one of those things I keep seeing when I help people with their resume and cover letter: the name on your resume needs to match the name on your email address.
This is especially true of Gmail accounts, … Continue reading

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Errors and Omissions

There were quite a few good comments this week; in case you missed them, I thought I’d point them out.
Regarding internships and college credit, WireMonkey said:
I found this strange but I interviewed at a few significant companies for internship positions. … Continue reading

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You Can Help Bring Crew Call Back

The first season of Crew Call was pretty great. We got advice from producer Ryan Murphy, heard hilarious stories from prop master Jim Falkenstein, and learned how to get a job as a writer’s assistant from Stuart Friedel.
If you want … Continue reading

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Who’s On Set?

Callsheets are, for the most part, self-explanatory. It gives you information like the call time, location address, and things of that sort. But a reader recently asked what the “status” column in the cast section meant, and I realized maybe … Continue reading

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