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It’s Not a Secret

Mandy asked (and Jess seconded):
When asked if we found the job opening on the UTA list, what do you advise us to say? If we say yes will employers ever ask how we have the list? or do you think … Continue reading

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You Don’t Have to be a Jerk

I’m traveling today (long story), so I don’t have time to write a post. Instead, here’s a copypasta from a comment left on a really old post yesterday:
So, as a production manager and line producer, I can say, from personal … Continue reading

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Distro List

When you work in the production office, one of your major jobs is distributing paperwork, commonly referred to as “distro.” You’ve got scripts, pages, schedules, one-liners, prep calendars, crew lists, vendor lists, call sheets, and a bazillion other things that … Continue reading

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You Have to Take Risks

Eric writes:
I’ve been seeing a lot of postings for part time assistant positions. Is this the new wave of employment/new way of business since the economy is still in the crapper (articles writing about how the unemployment level is not … Continue reading

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Shooting Location Change

ES writes in:
I’ve got a question about saying “yes” and then finding out location. I live outside SF and agreed to a gig that I found out is 35 minutes further out than San Francisco. Is it okay to say … Continue reading

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Take a (Paragraph) Break

When writing a cover letter, or even your resume, you should remember that text is, surprisingly, a visual medium. It’s not as mimetic as, say, film, television, or painting, that’s true.
But you still glean information from text just by looking … Continue reading

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TAPA Meetup October 25

It’s been a little while since we’ve had a PA meetup. And it’s still going to be a while, ’cause the next one is October 25th!
The kind people at Peaches’ Smokehouse have offered to host us at Poppy + Rose … Continue reading

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Seeking Decent ADs and Coordinators

It’s very easy to complain about your boss. Nobody likes to be told what to do, and the very definition of “boss” is someone who tells you what to do. Sometimes they’re crazy or irrational or just plain mean.
But you … Continue reading

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Copyright Infringement

Yesterday, I got a bizarre email, with the above headline as the subject. I’ve never had anything like it before. I was using a random photo I found on the internet to illustrate a point about a certain product or … Continue reading

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Availability List

Michael, the Hollywood Juicer, made a correction on Thursday’s post:
I can’t speak for the other locals or guilds, but 728 (set lighting) and 80 do send members out on jobs. We’re allowed (and expected) to look for our own work, … Continue reading

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