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How Long Is Your Day?

Julie writes in:
Do office PAs also work 12 hour days? I was under the impression this was only for set PAs, but have heard otherwise recently, so I’d love some clarification.
You have been sadly misinformed. Office PAs certainly do work … Continue reading

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Where Should the Next TAPArty Be?

So far, every TAPA networking event has been at places I like to hang out.1 But I don’t want to repeat myself, so now I’m reaching out to you, dear reader, for advice.
Where should the next TAPArty be? Is … Continue reading

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How to Find the Number to the Production Office

Brooke writes in:
I am looking for a specific internship on a production set and looking for information on whom to ask. I’m trying to find out through Warner Brothers if they know if there are internships on the production set … Continue reading

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Wrap Party Invitation

Marcus writes in:
I was a day player on something recently and didn’t get invited to the wrap party. Do you think the primary reason might be because they didn’t feel like I was a part of the crew enough, or … Continue reading

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I Haven’t Been Paid Yet

Rachel writes in:
I worked on a project over 6 months ago and I still haven’t been paid. I’ve emailed several times, to no avail. The coordinator who hired me is no longer involved with the project. Do you have any … Continue reading

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Asking for Details About the Job

I received an email with the subject line, “I deserve to know the details right?” I’ll be upfront with you: the word “deserve” is a giant red flag, at least when you’re referring to yourself.
It makes me think, “Ugh, this … Continue reading

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Crew Call Season 2

That’s right, Crew Call is coming back!
What’s Crew Call, you ask? It’s just about the only place you’ll hear interviews with below-the-line crew. You know, the people who actually make the TV shows and movies you watch?
You can hear the … Continue reading

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Slight Delay

Welp, the Kickstarter campaign for season 2 of Crew Call was supposed to start today, but just like the previous TAPA, I ran into some technical difficulties. Sigh.
Instead, here’s some links!
Road Trip Randy wrote a long, detailed article called How … Continue reading

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Emmy Award-Nominated Production Assistant

Unlikely some people, I love Christmas. I enjoy dressing up on Halloween. I even think Valentine’s Day can be sweet.
But I fucking hate April Fools Day. Everything about today, from fake news stories to ridiculous fake products. Even the movie … Continue reading

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There’s a Limit

Jack writes in with a sad story:
I moved to LA from Nebraska two weeks ago and landed my first PA gig with a production company working a live event. With no prior experience, I couldn’t believe my luck. On set, … Continue reading

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