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In Defense of the Valley

I was exchanging emails with a reader about my resume service, and at one point, he wrote this:
I just got hired for my first assistant position (for a writer/director) out in the valley. I hope it’s not porn.
People make fun … Continue reading

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Survival Jobs

Racquel writes in:
I’m an aspiring scripted TV writer who’s been living in LA for almost 4 months now and am scrambling to survive financially. I’ve been utilizing TAPA, the UTA joblist, EntertainmentCareers, LinkedIn, Mandy, the Friedman Agency, and any person … Continue reading

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A Bad Movie Is Still a Good Job

I’m a big fan of On The Media, especially their off-air podcast interviews. Last week, they had a fascinating conversation with Alec Baldwin:

I recommend listening to the whole thing, but the salient point for my readers is about nine and … Continue reading

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Fired for Doing the Right Thing

I had planned to write an entirely different post today, until I saw this comment from Pete on an old post:
I was just fired from a shoot after the AD’s placed me in back-to-back dangerous situations. The UPM declared that … Continue reading

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Helpful Connections

Felix writes in:
I had a question about calling POs after emailing them my resume. Is it necessary? Does it make a big difference?
I was talking to a friend of mine who works at a production company and she says she … Continue reading

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You’re Dating Wrong

I’m not talking about your romantic life. Although, that could be a mess, too. It’s hard to date when you’re on a show. But that’s neither here nor there.
No, I’m writing about how you write dates on documents. Most Americans … Continue reading

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How Am I Supposed to Do That?

A producer came into the office today, and asked that someone remove the arms from the chair in his office.1 The other PA’s immediate response was, “How are we supposed to do that?”
Now, can anyone in the class tell me … Continue reading

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Work for Who You Want to Be

David writes in:
I am interested in post-productions more specifically a video editor. I thought about starting out as an assistant editor, but almost all these job advertisements require 2 years of experience. Would you have any recommendations on where to … Continue reading

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When To Follow Up

Jane writes in:
I sent in a resume to a job posting and was emailed by a First AD thanking me for my interest in the shoot and told me “to expect an email in 3 weeks.”
Should I send a follow-up … Continue reading

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It’s Not a Secret

Mandy asked (and Jess seconded):
When asked if we found the job opening on the UTA list, what do you advise us to say? If we say yes will employers ever ask how we have the list? or do you think … Continue reading

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