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Super Secret Blog Post

This whole Patreon thing seems to be working out. More than 50 patrons are supporting TAPA! They’re contributing well over $400 per month to keep the site going. Thanks so much, you guys!
One of the reasons I started writing for … Continue reading

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Who Do You Work For?

Judging by the comments on last week’s post, I’ve been a little too cute when discussing the question of who you work for. The truth is, there are several valid answers, depending on what you really want to know.
Working on … Continue reading

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Does a Criminal Record Affect Your Job Prospects?

Ellie writes in:
I love your blog! It’s a great source of information and so entertaining.
I’m interested in becoming a PA (I’m sure you hear that alot). However, I made some bad choices in my past (6-8 years ago). I now … Continue reading

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The Company Car

Carl responded to Friday’s post:
Fine for commuting if the PA wants, but if I were the UPM or Producer of the show, there would be a rule that a motorcycle could not be used for company runs at any time. … Continue reading

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Can a PA Ride a Motorcycle?

Felicia writes in:
I have a vehicle question. I understand that the aspiring P.A. absolutely must have a set of wheels. My question is: on a scale of 1 – 10, with 1 being “god’s own chariot,” 10 being “the bus,” … Continue reading

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Negotiating Your Rate

Brie writes in:
Would you consider trying to negotiate a higher pay rate for a full-time PA gig?
The backstory: I’m interviewing with a prod. co here in NYC — they’re offering $150 a day (which is pretty good by any standard … Continue reading

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I Fucked Up

Originally, this post was going to be titled “Lessons Learned,” but that was going too easy on myself. I fucked up, and I apologize.
That’s hard to admit when you’re the supposed “expert” that people write to for advice. But instead … Continue reading

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I Got It

People on set are busy. If they’re not trying to get a shot, they’re packing up and moving on, turning around, setting up for the next shot. Everyone’s in a big damn hurry.

And that’s fine, because time is money and … Continue reading

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Joining the DGA

Madeline writes in:
I have a lot of questions and they relate to DGA so I apologise if they aren’t the right questions for this blog. I did try to do my own DGA research but I’m very confused.
Once your in … Continue reading

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Should You Leave a Series Mid-Season?

Gary writes in:
I’ve been a PA for over a year and thankfully have had some long runs on shows. I recently started a show for a 3 month run, but I was just offered a position on a feature film … Continue reading

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