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Contacts & Lists

There’s around 150 to 200 people on any given film or television production. It’s a safe bet they’re not all Facebook friends. So, it’s up to the production office to create various lists with names and contact info.
This begins, as … Continue reading

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Please Don’t Vote for Donald Trump

This isn’t a political blog, so I usually eschew politics. But, the Oscars1 are over and today is Super Tuesday, so that’s all anyone is talking about in the office.
I’m not going to write about policies or issues, since I … Continue reading

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How to Order Lunch for the Production Office

Chester writes in:
I have my first PA gig next week, and I’m super nervous. I wanna come off looking like I know what I’m doing and not an amateur.
One of my duties is handling lunch for the days I’m working. … Continue reading

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March Mixer

It’s that time, again– time for another TAPArty!
Bring your friends, and make some new ones, at Seventy7 Lounge in Culver City. It’s pretty much across the street from Culver Studios and spitting distance from Sony, so that’s handy for some … Continue reading

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First Shot, Lunch, and Wrap Reports

If you’re working on a network show or studio film, there are three reports that are almost always the purview of the office PA. They are: the first shot, the lunch report, and the wrap report.
This is one of those … Continue reading

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A Concise Explanation of How To Make It in Hollywood

I woke up the other day with the most amazing comment on the UTA joblist page. It’s short, but amazingly helpful. I’m a little mad I didn’t write it myself.
As someone who moved to LA in 2010 from another state … Continue reading

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As If PAs Didn’t Have Enough Problems, Now Scammers Are Targeting Us

Ugh. Some people are just assholes.
A few weeks ago, I answered a question from reader Brian about per diem. Something that stood out to several readers was the phrase “$500 per diem.” That’s a ridiculously high per diem, so I … Continue reading

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I Am Not A Lawyer

Various people have been pointing me towards this story about PAs suing for abuse. Unlike the Black Swan interns, these people were at least paid, but that’s probably little comfort.
The suit says the workers were not allowed to take breaks … Continue reading

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The One Line Day Player

Okay, today’s episode is a little outside my usual PA mandate, but it keeps coming up on the show I’m on, and I want to rant somewhere.1
A “day player,” for those who don’t know, is someone who works on the … Continue reading

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Incorrect Credits

Ryan writes in:
My first feature film I ever worked on was recently released.
After seeing fellow friends and crew members post pictures of their name in the credits, I noticed mine was there, too. It was listed wrong on two accounts: … Continue reading

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