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Yeah, right, like I'm going to tell you.

Email Miscellany

I’ve noticed a trend in emails, lately– footers that are dozens of lines long. This is a bad trend. Don’t do it.
The end of your email should look like this:
(###) ###-####[[2]]
That’s it. Done. Press send. Maybe put your email address, … Continue reading

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Coffee, Movies, and Networking at Jumpcut Cafe

We go out drinking a lot, don’t we? Maybe it’s time to cut back, before we start running into each other at another famously anonymous meeting.

This month, I thought I’d shake things up a bit by hosting the TAPArty at … Continue reading

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I Have Experience… Should I Still Go to PA Bootcamp?

Lonnie writes in:
I have two questions: First, what kind of help are you requesting for your new video? I’d like to be involved.

That’s easy. Since there have already been several TAPAs, I got the idea that we could all be … Continue reading

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Want Your Own Office?

A lot of you, like me, are aspiring writers. You write from home, or at a coffee shop, or even while at work. That’s all well and good, but wouldn’t it be nice to have your own space?
Well, The Office … Continue reading

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Suing for Unpaid Overtime

Steve writes in:
I am an executive assistant working for a production company. I am paid hourly, fixed at 44 hours/week, whether I work 40, 44, or 70 hours. Basically, I am trapped in the office until my boss leaves at … Continue reading

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Want To Be in a TAPA Video?

The new season of Crew Call is fast approaching, which means the Kickstarter campaign is approaching even faster.
And what Kickstarter campaign would be complete without a video? That’s where I could use your help. If you’re a fan of the … Continue reading

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What Kind of PA Was I?

Jo asks:
Does one usually specify the department they PA’ed in? For example, I just PA’ed on a TV show pilot, but it was in the costume department. Do I need to specify that in my resume? Or just list it … Continue reading

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Living at Home

Alexandra writes:
I am a graduating senior in college, and I have plans to move with another student to LA after graduation. I wouldn’t be relocating far (my family is in north Orange County). My mom has been very supportive, but … Continue reading

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Dogs at Work

I love my dog. She’s great. She’s adorable and fun and a very good listener.1 We spend hours at the dog park every weekend, then she curls up in my lap and we watch Transparent together. She even sleeps in … Continue reading

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Don’t Use an Email That Ends in .edu

The headline says it all.
I’m a little surprised it has to be said, but it’s come up a lot recently while fixing up readers’ resumes. Several people have left their .edu address on their resume.
In a way, I sort of … Continue reading

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