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TAPA Meetup October 25

It’s been a little while since we’ve had a PA meetup. And it’s still going to be a while, ’cause the next one is October 25th!
The kind people at Peaches’ Smokehouse have offered to host us at Poppy + Rose … Continue reading

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Seeking Decent ADs and Coordinators

It’s very easy to complain about your boss. Nobody likes to be told what to do, and the very definition of “boss” is someone who tells you what to do. Sometimes they’re crazy or irrational or just plain mean.
But you … Continue reading

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Copyright Infringement

Yesterday, I got a bizarre email, with the above headline as the subject. I’ve never had anything like it before. I was using a random photo I found on the internet to illustrate a point about a certain product or … Continue reading

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Availability List

Michael, the Hollywood Juicer, made a correction on Thursday’s post:
I can’t speak for the other locals or guilds, but 728 (set lighting) and 80 do send members out on jobs. We’re allowed (and expected) to look for our own work, … Continue reading

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How Long Is This Gonna Take

Ryan writes in:
I’ve seen you answer questions from people asking if they’re too young to be a PA, but I’ve only seen one person who said they’re too old, and they were 24.
I’m 28 , soon to be 29, and … Continue reading

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Unions Don’t Work That Way

Elle writes in:
I’m a production assistant on a talk show. I’ve been in Los Angeles since 2012 after my relocation from Florida to pursue a career in the motion picture industry. I’m still very new and learning everyday, but at … Continue reading

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Truck Drivin’ PA

Woody writes in:
I’ve been cruising job boards lately and one thing I occasionally see is some production listing that, as a PA, one of my skills should be the ability to drive a 24′ cube truck. I haven’t work … Continue reading

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How To Stand Out From the Crowd

Max writes in:
First off thanks for your the wonderful blog!
As a student reading the “What to do with your student experience” gives me some confidence as I make the leap to LA. In the post you mentioned that if you … Continue reading

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What to Do With Your Student Experience

I’ve said on numerous occasions that student film experience doesn’t count. That’s actually only half true.
Unless you’re a savant, your directing experience isn’t likely to get you a job as a director.1 It’s also unlikely to get you a production … Continue reading

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How Far Would You Go For a Job?

Hoosier PA writes in–
I love the blog. I am a P.A working almost exclusively on reality tv shows. I started my first gig in February and have now worked on 7 shows since then. Recently I applied for a 3 … Continue reading

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