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How Many Languages Do YOU Speak?

I had a coordinator once who was Vietnamese. She’s been in America for a couple of decades, so she didn’t have much of an accent, but she still occasionally got colloquialisms wrong. For instance, she would say, “Do you grab … Continue reading

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What to Do About Sexual Harassment

A reader who would like to remain anonymous writes in–
Actually, you know what? To preserve this reader’s anonymity, I’m not going to copy-and-paste the email, like I normally would. There’s too great a chance of somebody figuring it out.
Everyone with … Continue reading

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Willing to Relocate

Tom writes in:
I’ve been looking to break into “the industry” after recently graduating and finishing two media internships. I’ve been networking and applying like crazy; I reached out to a few recruiters and HR people in LA and NYC on … Continue reading

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Women in Horror Month

Welp, the Oscars are over (not that I had many opinions on that). More importantly, the film I was on is over, so I don’t have any good set stories to talk about. Having some time on my hands, I … Continue reading

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The TAPArty Is Back!

And better than ever!
Sorry it’s been a wee while. I’ve been on a shoot out of state, with no real way to make arrangements. But now I’m back, and it’s on.
Mark your calendars: Sunday, March 8, at 2:00pm, TAPA and … Continue reading

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Set Life Versus Office Life

Brianna writes in:
My life goal is AD.
I was just told by a PA as green as I am that I should take a job as an office PA because I didn’t go to film school and the office is a … Continue reading

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The Gravity Lawsuit and Adaptation

Do you listen to Scriptnotes?
You should; it’s awesome. For those of you who don’t know, it’s a podcast about screenwriting, and things that are interesting to screenwriters.
This week’s episode explains “The Deal with the Gravity Lawsuit.” It’s extremely illuminating, and … Continue reading

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An Unusual Route to Becoming a Writers’ Assistant

Reader Andrew writes in:
There’s a small independent film company looking to break into TV. I know the producer, and she’s offered me a writer’s assistant position while they develop a pilot. So it’s really more of a development assistant position, … Continue reading

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Make a Good Last Impression

First impressions are important; they go a long way towards determining whether you land the job. But last impressions are almost as important; they determine whether you get the next job.
People are busy. They’re not going to remember every little … Continue reading

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Animator Jason Bierut

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It’s the final episode of Crew Call for the year!
Today’s guest is an experienced animator, and now technical director. Jason Bierut has worked on The Powerpuff Girls, Mucha Lucha, and most recently, Jake and … Continue reading

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