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Yeah, right, like I'm going to tell you.

Open Crew Calls

Steph writes in:
I was wondering if it was a bad idea to submit an Office PA resume/cover letter to an open crew call that says all positions welcome to apply. Or are they only wanting Set PA, Art PA inquiries? … Continue reading

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The Anonymous Production Assistant Book

The Anonymous Production Assistant has been around for eight years. Eight years. That means, if you’re graduating from film school now, this blog has been going since you were in junior high.
In that time, there has been over a thousand … Continue reading

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Kit Fee, Kit Rental, Box Rental

Dwayne writes in:
I’ve just been hired to do crafty for a set where there might be 100 people on the heaviest days.
My instructions are:

we could have 100 people at our heaviest days
21 day shoot (maybe 20)
there is a $50/day Kit … Continue reading

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Consistent Work

Pat writes in:
I really enjoy your site and it has given me many tips that really have been helping over the past few months. I am a PA working in New York. I have gotten a decent amount of jobs, … Continue reading

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That Special Connection

Aaron writes in:
 I work for a writer (I walk her dogs), and she knows that I want to be a writer, as well. She used to work at one of the major networks, and has sold several scripts.
She has told … Continue reading

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Using Your Car for Production

Jenny writes in:
I just wrapped a production where I had to drive 60 miles to location each day in order to set up breakfast before the crew van arrived, and now it’s time to invoice for all that hard PA … Continue reading

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The Best Book on Directing I’ve Ever Read

First of all, if you haven’t been to the library since you graduated, you’re missing out. They’ve got millions of book, and they just give them away. For free!
And if you’re having flashbacks of the card catalogue and Dewey decimal … Continue reading

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Nothing to Do

Hillary writes in:
On the last shoot I was on, after helping unload I was told to go and ask around to see which departments needed my help.
Nobody needed anything done and for the rest of the one day shoot I … Continue reading

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Rel/Event Networking Event

Register now to The Rel/event Hollywood conference on Friday, April 8th at Globe Theater in Downtown LA!
The Rel/event is the fastest growing entertainment event series in Los Angeles. Designed for aspiring filmmakers, actors, and film/television fans in general, The Rel/event … Continue reading

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You Don’t Know What Happened in Post

I love Movie Set Memes; it’s always good for a laugh. But sometimes the conversations there are toxic. It very often sounds like people who don’t know how movies are made yelling at other people who don’t know how movies … Continue reading

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