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I Fucked Up

Originally, this post was going to be titled “Lessons Learned,” but that was going too easy on myself. I fucked up, and I apologize.
That’s hard to admit when you’re the supposed “expert” that people write to for advice. But instead … Continue reading

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I Got It

People on set are busy. If they’re not trying to get a shot, they’re packing up and moving on, turning around, setting up for the next shot. Everyone’s in a big damn hurry.

And that’s fine, because time is money and … Continue reading

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Joining the DGA

Madeline writes in:
I have a lot of questions and they relate to DGA so I apologise if they aren’t the right questions for this blog. I did try to do my own DGA research but I’m very confused.
Once your in … Continue reading

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Should You Leave a Series Mid-Season?

Gary writes in:
I’ve been a PA for over a year and thankfully have had some long runs on shows. I recently started a show for a 3 month run, but I was just offered a position on a feature film … Continue reading

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New York Entertainment Assistant Networking Event

You asked for it, you got it! The very first TAPA mixer in New York is happening on May 21st. Mark you calendar.
It will be happening at Gallow Green at the McKittrick Hotel. It’s a bar nestled in a lovely … Continue reading

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How to Get Your First Job as a Hollywood Assistant

I recently discovered the website Any Possibility, mostly because they linked to TAPA on a recent post.
It’s written by Sam Wilson, an experienced assistant at several literary1 agencies. I know of lot of readers, like me, want to be represented … Continue reading

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Hollywood Assistant Networking Event

It’s time for another networking event!
This month, we’ll be at the Red Dragon Cafe, downtown. They’ve got breakfast all day, which, honestly, is all I ever wanted.
They’re moving locations next week, so don’t go searching Google maps; it’ll give you … Continue reading

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Open Crew Calls

Steph writes in:
I was wondering if it was a bad idea to submit an Office PA resume/cover letter to an open crew call that says all positions welcome to apply. Or are they only wanting Set PA, Art PA inquiries? … Continue reading

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The Anonymous Production Assistant Book

The Anonymous Production Assistant has been around for eight years. Eight years. That means, if you’re graduating from film school now, this blog has been going since you were in junior high.
In that time, there has been over a thousand … Continue reading

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Kit Fee, Kit Rental, Box Rental

Dwayne writes in:
I’ve just been hired to do crafty for a set where there might be 100 people on the heaviest days.
My instructions are:

we could have 100 people at our heaviest days
21 day shoot (maybe 20)
there is a $50/day Kit … Continue reading

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