About TAPA

What the heck is this site all about?

The TAPA blog was created for two reasons– first, as a place to freely discuss the life of a production assistant without fear of repercussion or reprisal; second, as a repository for all of the knowledge I’ve accumulated over the years, in the hopes of instructing future generations of PAs.

Who the hell are you?

I’m anonymous.1 It says so right there in the title.

No, really, who are you?

I’m not saying, bub. Deal with it. You can call me TAPA, if you like.

If you’re so smart, why are you still a PA?

That depends on your definition of “still.”

But you’re just some guy. What do you know?

I know enough to know I don’t know much.

That’s confidence-inducing. Does anyone else think you’re worth reading?

Well, The New York Times recommended my blog. As did The Los Angeles Times. Also, LA Magazine. KCRW’s The Business interviewed me, as did as LA Women. That’s something, I guess.

You don’t want to be a PA forever, do you?

Certainly not. My aim is to become a professional writer. If you’re an agent, manager, or producer, and you like what you see, maybe you should drop me a line. I have plenty of stories to tell, and I work cheap.

How can I contact you?

The usual 21st century methods: email, twitter, Facebook.

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  1. Not Anonymous, the Guy Fawkes mask-wearing hackers. It’s simply an adjective in my case.


  1. Hello, TAPA–
    I have a (probably stupid) question: What is the difference between a production assistant at a studio or production company and an executive assistant at a production company? Thanks!

  2. wow I was totally looking for something else and ended up stumbling upon your blog. I am an actual makeup artist NOT like that unfortunate MUA you described in one of your post, hilarious by the way.
    I would really like to provide my services to UTA or one of the bigger agencies that work with celebrity names, however I do not know who to put my work in front of that would actually be able to make a decision on what artist to bring on current projects.
    I have a full resume with website,complete with digital comp cards.I just need to get my work in front of the right people at the right time for the right job.
    would you or any of your readers happen to have any advice that might be of some help I would appreciate any feedback that you may be able to offer
    Thank you for reading have a wonderful day and happy new year
    JT, MUA

  3. Hello: I am starting in the film industry as a PA, and I am wondering how many hours you find yourself working per week? Does it depend on which gigs you get? Also, what is your average downtime between gigs? Thanks!


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