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Hunting for Jobs

Over the years, lots of people have thanked me for the resources TAPA provides. I’ve been sharing the joblist for a while, as well as my own little job board. You may have even noticed that lately I’ve been trying to find new ways to help you find a job.

For instance, there’s Hired in Hollywood’s free webinar. Even though I’m on the record saying I hate the word “webinar” (it sounds like corporate marketing), Kate gives a ton of great advice in only an hour. You should totally sign up if you want to be an assistant.

What About Crew Jobs?

Looking for a job on the crew of a film or TV show isn’t quite so straightforward. Most people don’t use online job sites like In fact, most jobs I’ve ever gotten came from knowing somebody who knew somebody who wanted to hire someone with my particular set of skills.

Taken me seriously?
Maybe “nightmare” isn’t the right word for the phone interview

And then there’s ZipRecruiter. I’ve literally never used them to find a production job, but they assure me they have tons of listings for crew gigs as well as more corporate jobs. So, I created another page just for their listings. There’s definitely some crew gigs, but there’s a lot of straight assistant jobs, too. It’s definitely no Mandy or Entertainment Careers, but it’s better than Craig’s List. It’s certainly worth adding to your rotation of job sites when your show gets cancelled.

What Can I do?

Still, I’d like to do more. The Coordinator’s 411 was useful, until they transformed it into a profit-making websites called, of all things, Production Yak. That eventually went away, for obvious reasons. There are a bunch of “I Need a [crew member]!” Facebook groups, but those are kinda sketchy (and not nearly as entertaining as Movie Set Memes).

Background actors love to take photos on set.
Movie Set Memes: Exhibit A

What I’m saying is, I think TAPA can fill a void in the industry. I already have a job board filled with assistant positions; I’d like to create one for crew, too.

Since this site is focused on PA and assistants of various stripes, I think it makes sense to start by focusing on AD’s and coordinators (not just production, but art and post, too). If any of you reading this are looking to hire a production assistant, whether it’s a day player or someone for the whole season, shoot me an email at Thousands of PA’s visit my page every day, many of whom are more than qualified and ready to work.

I don’t plan on making any money off this (unlike Production Yak). It’s free to post, free to apply.

This is a new thing I’m going to be focusing on, so be prepared to be reminded of this a lot over the next few months. If you have any ideas on how I can be a better resource, please email me. I’m open to any suggestions.

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  1. “CopyThat” is a free app created by a Local 479 Member for crew jobs. It’s kind of a social networking app for crew. Not sure about the rest of the country but it’s gaining alot of popularity in GA. I have had a few best boys reach out to me via the app but I was already booked. Worth checking out.

  2. Seconding staffmeup. While it’s focus is reality, there are other gigs there too and from my experience (I’m a reality PM) no one uses any other sites anymore.

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