Don’t Be Redundant

I’ve been noticing an issue lately when editing resumes: redundancy.

You’ve got to fit everything on one page. Anything more than that looks ridiculous, especially for a production assistant. And when you reduce it all to a single sheet of paper, it can’t look cramped. Remember, these are people who are used to reading scripts; that means lots of white space.

Don’t Waste Words

Personally, I don’t think there’s any reason to include an address on your resume. It’s not like they’re going to write you a letter.

There’s other redundant elements, too. An email looks like an email, a phone number like a phone number;{1}} you don’t need to label them as such.

And on a broader scale, you don’t need to describe each and every job you’ve ever had.  Some shows go on for months and months, others are gonna just a few days.  You don’t need to outline your “accomplishments.” A PA is a PA, and everybody knows what that means.

Save your profile, objectives, and stuff like that for the cover letter.  You resume needs to be streamlined, focus entirely on the shows that you worked for.

One Exception

Where you definitely want to be redundant is in the file name of all of your resume.  Make sure the file name specifically says your name.  Don’t just use your initials, and for heaven’s sake, definitely don’t just name the file “resume.pdf”.  They are receiving hundreds of resumes.  They’ll never find yours, if the file name is generic and useless.

[[1]]As long as you format it like this: (###) ###-####.[[1]]

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