The Match Game

This is another one of those things I keep seeing when I help people with their resume and cover letter: the name on your resume needs to match the name on your email address.

This is especially true of Gmail accounts, since it’s probably the most common email out there, both for individuals and for production offices creating throwaway accounts (“”). If you’re using the Gmail site, any other Gmail user’s name will appear prominently.

If your resume says “Scott Smith,” but your user name says “Skip 2 da S”, A) you’ll look like an idiot, and B) more importantly, the coordinator will never find your original email if the search for “Scott Smith.”

Just so you understand the normal order of operations, here’s what usually happens when a show needs a new PA: first, the APOC (probably) creates a junk Gmail account (i.e., because once she finds a new PA, she never wants to get another email about it again. She’ll then ask all of her friends and/or acquaintances for recommendations. If that doesn’t yield enough results, she’ll post a job notice on the Coordinator’s 911 (a private Goolge group for production coordinators).

After about three hours, she’ll have received several hundred resumes. She (or possibly one of the current PAs) will dig through the inbox, until she finds around 20 good candidates. She then will print these resumes off and hand them to the coordinator.

The coordinator will sift through this stack and pick six to ten people to interview. And this is where the name on your email matters. They’re going from computers to paper and back to computers again. If those names and emails don’t match up, someone might make a mistake. You could be their favorite candidate, but you’ll never know, because they sent an email to ScottSmith1987 instead of SkipSmith1987.

And now we come to the part of the post where I remind you to contribute to the Crew Call Kickstarter campaign. Seriously, if everyone who reads this just gave $5, we’d have it funded in no time.

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3 Responses

  1. coordinators 411 not 911. Hopefully this isn’t a secret post asking for help because you’re in a basement being forced to write.

    1. Coordinator’s 411 has become Production Yak. Some people who didn’t like the conversion decided to create Coordinator’s 911, instead.

    2. But thank you for your concern for my well-being. If I’m seriously in trouble, I’ll blink three times.

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