Emmy Award-Nominated Production Assistant

Unlikely some people, I love Christmas. I enjoy dressing up on Halloween. I even think Valentine’s Day can be sweet.

But I fucking hate April Fools Day. Everything about today, from fake news stories to ridiculous fake products. Even the movie is fucking terrible. Whatever the April equivalent of “Bah, humbug” is, I’m saying that.

And then some people take the opportunity to confuse the less well informed. Sharon writes in:

The show I work for just got nominated for 2 Emmy Awards. After the staff celebrated I heard a few people around the office saying, “Time to update that resume.” Exactly how would you list that? In the show title? Or with the description of duties?

Obviously I don’t want to ask anyone at my work, I don’t want them to think I’m looking for a new job.

Emmy Award nominated crafty PA

I think/hope they were being facetious. There is no place for that on your PA resume. You don’t say “Emmy nominated” unless you were nominated for an Emmy.

If you worked in one of the departments (like, say, costumes), it wouldn’t be terrible to say you worked directly for Emmy Nominated Costume Designer So-And-So. But for a PA? Nope, sorry. You’ll look ridiculous.

Which is what today is all about. Sigh.

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  1. One of the first good jobs I landed after leaving my PA days behind was as a swing-man (grip-trician) on a three man lighting crew for a film that ended up winning an Oscar. (Best live-action short.) But even in those oh-so-green days of youthful innocence and hubris, I wasn’t dumb enough to put “Oscar winning grip-trician” on my resume.

    Stick to the facts. Gilding the lilly only makes you look like an idiot…

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