Women in Horror Month

Welp, the Oscars are over (not that I had many opinions on that). More importantly, the film I was on is over, so I don’t have any good set stories to talk about. Having some time on my hands, I decided to read up on Women in Horror Month.

If you’re not a fan of the genre, you probably don’t think horror is particularly kind to women. Normies1 tend the focus on the gore and T&A (and why wouldn’t you?), but they forget that it’s one of the first (and still few) genres that regularly feature strong, female leads. You know what Sigourney Weaver‘s first Academy Award nomination was for?


Side note: I showed a script to a producer friend of mine. Not asking her to make it or anything; I just wanted her input. She told me it would never sell, because men can’t identify with a female lead.

Um.. whut. Tell that to forty years’ worth of slasher movies. Since at least the (original) Texas Chain Saw Massacre, the Final Girl has been a staple of the genre. Are you telling me boys haven’t been watching horror movies since a decade before I was born?

I could write a whole book on why this isn’t the case, but oh, wait, Carol Clover beat me to it. (“Men, Women, and Chainsaws” sounds like the name of a metal band, but it’s actually a very well-researched academic book.)

I tell you, Hollywood is way more sexist (and racist and homophobic) than they accuse the middle of the country of being.


Anyway. As I said, Women in Horror Month has inspired me to do some reading.

Off Screen magazine jumped the gun by several months, but that’s okay. They have not just one, but two issues devoted to Gender and Horror. I particularly liked “Film, Fear and the Female, An Empirical Study of the Female Horror Fan,” by Amy Jane Vosper, which dispels a lot of myths about women who like horror.

There’s a lot more where that came from. Malevolent Magazine’s February issue is likewise devoted to Women in Horror Month. The Horror Honeys have a retrospective on some lesser-known women in horror. Stoned Crow Press has an interview series titled Women Write Horror.

Speaking of interviews, my new favorite horror podcast, Werewolf Ambulance, recorded an episode on Slumber Party Massacre for WiHM, followed by their first interview, with the writer and producer of a new horror movie.

Another side note: Slumber Party Massacre has the most awesomely bad NSFW trailer I’ve ever seen (seriously, it’s very NSFW)–

Well, that’s enough links for now. That should keep you busy until I find my next gig.

Speaking of finding your next gig, networking is an important part of that. You should totally come to the PA mixer on March 8th in Burbank.

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  1. That’s what we call you.
  2. Yes, okay, that’s more of an action movie than the original Alien, but still, my point remains.
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  1. I digress about the industry being homophobic. I’ll be honest I am from a Caribbean island that does not take too kindly to homophobia, I however am indifferent. But, the majority of my office is comprised of gay men, and that been 2 day time talk shows I worked on

  2. Speaking of “Women in Horror,” I might suggest you look up “The Babadook” if you have a spare second. Fantastic film, with a female director (yes, you read that right) helming it. Solid stuff.

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