Animator Jason Bierut


It’s the final episode of Crew Call for the year!

Today’s guest is an experienced animator, and now technical director. Jason Bierut has worked on The Powerpuff Girls, Mucha Lucha, and most recently, Jake and the Never Land Pirates. He talks about the state of modern animation, and what it takes to break into that industry. You can even take classes from Jason at Studio Arts!

Also this week, CAPS Payroll is sponsoring another contest! They’re giving away a pair of tickets to Crew Call listeners for their VIP suite at the Staples Center. The winners will get to choose from a range of events (concerts, sports, etc).

Winners will be chosen at random on December 14th during the next TAPA networking event. (You don’t actually have to be physically at the event to win; just pay attention to your Twitter feed, wherever you are.)

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