Transportation Coordinator Michael Perrotti


Today’s guest is one of my favorite people in the world, even though he doesn’t know I’m me.1

Michael Perrotti has been a transportation coordinator since before I even had a license. He’s done movie, TV shows, commercials, you name it. He’s currently the head of the transportation department on Teen Wolf, which should tell you how awesome he is. Also, the Veronica Mars movie! Basically, Mike is in charge of all the cars on my favorite nerd shows.

Even if you’re not into cars (which I’m totally not), you’ll enjoy the wide-ranging discussion that covers everything from the work ethic of teamsters to actors who can’t drive. Also, he has some great advice for dealing with traffic, something most PAs will appreciate.

The producer of today’s episode was Chris Henry, who also wrote the theme. Follow him on Twitter at @MrStonebender.

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  1. Well, he knows me, but he doesn’t know I’m TAPA.
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