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Today’s guest is Ryan Murphy. No, not the creator of Glee and American Horror Story. He’s above the line.

Our Ryan Murphy is a line producer, with Danger Close Media. Don’t let the word “producer” in the title fool you. He’s not the kind of producer who wears slick suits and shows up on set once a week, then takes all the credit at the premiere.

A line producer is the guy who gets his hands dirty. He’s boots-on-the-ground, every day, in the office or on set, making sure everything gets done. Many shows need the deal makers and schmoozers at some point to get the money and the stars, but nothing can get made without a line producer.

Ryan tells us about learning at the feet of director Michael Corrente, making a movie that people actually want to buy, and honesty. Yes, a producer is talking about honesty. I hope you’re sitting down.

Ryan also told me he’s happy to answer follow-up questions you might have after listening to today’s episode. His email can be found on the Danger Close Media website. That’s a very kind offer, but remember he’s a busy guy. Please be considerate when deciding whether you should contact him or not.

The producer of today’s episode was Chris Henry, who also wrote the theme.

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  1. Thanks so much for this I was hoping there would be a line producer interview, and this one was very good. The discussion of the give-and-take, the prioritizing – was especially good. Much like watching a movie that is entertaining AND painful to watch because it rings almost too true, listening to this, so many conversations with directors, producers and other creatives come to mind. As always, you were very well prepared and brought out the key elements people should know, without it sounding like :inside baseball.” Wonderful job

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