What I’ve Been Up To

Dear Constant Reader,

I want to apologize for the dearth of regular programming here at The Anonymous Production Assistant. I’ve been on location1 for the past month or so, because runaway production is still a thing.

The only reason Crew Call has been going up on a regular basis without delay is the hard work of producer Chris. Speaking of, if you’ve been enjoying Crew Call, please take a moment to rate and review the show on iTunes. Your positive feedback helps others find the show.

Speaking of supporting the blog and podcast, here’s something that’s super easy and won’t cost you a thing: if2 you shop on Amazon, use this link. Amazon gives a percentage of your purchase to TAPA (it doesn’t add any cost to you), to help keep the metaphorical lights on.

You can even bookmark the Amazon link for future use. Or add the bookmark to your boss’s computer when she’s not looking, so all of the show’s random purchases also support TAPA. 😀

A lot of you have been asking about when the next TAPA meetup is happening. I can tell you it will be August 24th. I’m talking with the venue today, so more information will be coming, soon.

Lastly, I got this sweet email today:

You must get like hundred of these things a day from throngs of PAs that find you both relatable and witty. So I’ll be as brief as my long-windedness will allow. Your blog gets me through the slow parts of a 12 hour day but moreso than that it makes me want to step up my blogging game. I run a blog about nothing in particular and when I read your stuff I’m just like, why am I not as good a writer? What have I been doing with my life? (Driving around boxes to vendors, that’s what.)

Anyway, you’re lovely and I hope that you stay around this industry, hopefully not at the bottom, for a good long time and as you grow I hope you allow your readers to watch you grow and subsequently envy your growth.

I’m glad you’re enjoying the blog.3 If you want to be a successful blogger (or any kind of writer), the main thing you have to shoot for is consistency. Write every day, no matter what, even if it’s just a filler post telling people why you haven’t written in a while.


Footnotes    (↩ returns to text)

  1. Vegas, if you must know. Fun for three days! Terrible for four weeks.
  2. “If.” Yeah, right. You totally do.
  3. Unlike some people.
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