So, I Have This Weird Idea…

I was thinking it might be fun to create a TAPA webcomic. Sometimes, words just aren’t enough to convey the craziness and stupidity on set. A weekly or bi-weekly comic would be another way to show future PAs what they’re in for.

The thing is, I can’t draw.1 Not even a stick figure, much less a C-Stand.

It looks sad, somehow, doesn't it?
Although, it does kind of already look like a stick figure.

So, I’m reaching out to the TAPA readership. I’m hoping one of you would like to collaborate on a funny/informative/irreverent comic about the daily life of a PA. I’ll write it, you’ll draw, and we’ll publish it right here on the TAPA website.

The original TAPA created this site as  a creative outlet for his writing. A TAPA comic could do the same thing for an aspiring artist or production designer.

If you’re interested, send me an email; tell me a little bit about yourself, your PA experiences, your ideas for a drawing style. If it works out, we might have a new segment for TAPA!

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  1. I tried creating Xtra Normal videos, but their options are limited.
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8 Responses

  1. I work as a union Electric in Hollywood and I recently discovered this blog. I enjoy the anecdotes and a different perspective on production.

    I have one issue. The picture of a C-stand in this article is horrendous. The legs are wrong, the risers are wrong, and the arm is ass backwards (to put it lightly).for the sake of professionalism and any grip/electric who has been nice to you (or at least less perverted?), please change it!

    The photo on this page is only 10% fucked up. So use it instead!

  2. I’m a PA, I have a little over 260 days of Set insanity… I went to art school and I’m willing to give this a try if you haven’t found anyone… I’ve never done anything like this soooo… let me know

  3. I think it’d be cool if we could send you some of the stupid things our bosses say or do and at the end of the month we can read your select favorites or incorporate into the comics.

    1. That’ll spoil the joke for everyone else. But to anyone who is interested, I’ll email the script directly.

  4. Why don’t you put out a script on one of your blogs and ask for entries?

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