Self-Serving Blog Post (That Might Help You, Too)

It’s been awhile since I’ve updated you on the state of the blog, so here goes.

In the last week, since I’ve started blogging again, I’ve received over 2,000 readers every day. Tuesday and Wednesday, over 2,400, which is nearly a record. So, if you’re sharing the blog with your friends, it seems to be working. Thanks!

As of this writing, I have 968 Twitter followers. I’m not sure what happens when I cross over to 1,000, but I’m sure it’s magical. If you don’t follow me, please do. I’ll follow you right back. Also, that’s where I let everyone know if I’ve uploaded a new joblist. If you want to hear about it right away, following is a good idea.

My Facebook page, on the other hand, is way behind with only 615 likes. More people use Facebook than Twitter, right? What’s the deal there? Don’t you like me?

But as much as having more readers/followers/likers will boost my ego, there’s another reason you should share TAPA with more people. Specifically, your boss.

I created a page to list job notices a while back. It’s been a rather sad affair, with updates only every few weeks. I think the problem is that most of my readers are, like me, PAs.

If those of you who are working shared this blog with your bosses (and other department heads you’re friendly with), you could be a great help to those who are currently jobless.

There are new jobs opening up around Hollywood every single day. If I only knew what those jobs were, I could tell you, dear reader, all about them.

One more thing, while I’m being self-serving: see those text ads on the left-hand column? That’s what keeps TAPA online. Wouldn’t hurt if you clicked them once in a while. 🙂

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