Fred Savage and CBS Can Go to Hell

I know what you guys are thinking. You read the story on Deadline about CBS buying the rights to a blog about life as a Hollywood assistant, with plans to turn it into a pilot. By now, you know that Fred Savage – of Vice Versa fame – is attached to EP and direct. So you’re probably wondering:

“Oh no! Does this mean that TAPA’s hilarious (yet admittedly infrequent) rants will be put on hold as she goes off to produce a hit TV show?!”

No. Because CBS didn’t buy this blog. They bought some Tumblr from an agency assistant, Lauren Bachelis. (In the interest of full disclosure, Lauren and I are friends-in-law, via Facebook.)

Great Idea for a Blog, Lauren!

This may have ruined my morning.

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10 Responses

  1. I believe the original TAPA had a rather unpleasant experience with Mr Savage, though he did not name him explicitly, it was obvious who it was.

    Perhaps this was his lame attempt at revenge.


  2. I’ve followed this “other blog” for a little, and yours is much more interesting. We’ll how this actually ends up panning out though. I’m a girl…but I have to admit…this seems like a little bit a typecast to me.

  3. Wait…so when did nearly incomplete sentences beginning with the words “When” become a blog? I’m just starting out in blog land, and I generally tend not judge people for their own creations, but seriously? That’s a blog? Hrmmm OK, granted some of these are pretty funny, but where’s the beef? BTW, I love the overpriced film school link. You might as well add overrated talent pool to that description.

    With love from film school,

  4. Sorry to hear that TAPA. I started following “that other blog” recently, and though I thought it was kind of funny, yours is much more interesting and insightful. And funnier too. Wish it would have been your blog that got adapted.

  5. I feel like every person who has ever worked as a production assistant has had the brilliant idea to write a comedy series about their experiences (including myself).. Sad that it happened to someone who has become known just by ripping of other people’s blog ideas :/ Wish it had been you TAPA!

  6. Even better idea? A blog about people online talking about an online blog that got bought by CBS. Would Marilyn Manson(Fred Savage’s co-star from the Wonder Years) buy that blog? How about a story about a gal that goes to work everyday 9-5 and works her way up the corporate ladder by leadership skills? I’m bored. Throw in a magic dragon as the boss and we’ll see.

  7. Yeah, a year ago I wanted to do a comedy about interns.

    This ruined my evening as well because I don’t follow her blog and you are much more deserving. <33

  8. About a year ago a friend and I were playing with the idea of collaborating on a spec pilot about PAs trying to “Make It In Hollywood”.

    My procrastination has officially been vindicated!

  9. Yeah, I don’t get it. Good for her, I guess. The blog is just reappropriated animated gifs that more often than not have little to do with the post’s “concept”.

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