“Just” a PA

When you tell people what you do for a living, there’s a tendency to undersell yourself. You say you’re “just” a PA.

Stop doing that.

You’re a PA, plain and simple.

(Or you can be like everyone else in L.A. and say you’re a producer.)

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8 Responses

  1. I was never a PA, but there were several while I was a writer/producer that I loved and admired. Writing is easy compared to getting 12 orders from Koo Koo Roo right. If you’re interested, I’ve written a book called “…and she was” by Arpy Beck with all kinds of Hollywood stories from when I was there and making money and after when I started to get my sanity back. Find it on Amazon as a kindle ebook. And just know that 40% WILL triumph and become big time somethings.

  2. On my new show, Our key grip came up to me and introduced himself and asked what do you do. I said “Im just a PA” ……………….He looked at me and said bullshit your the guy that takes care of everything. These people have PA’s because they are scared of real work. You are the heart of this show these F#$%ing people can hardly wipe there own asses.

    Since that day I look at my job different.

  3. Kinda make you wonder, when these people move up from being PA’s, they’ll keep that same mentality dealing with ‘just’ PA’s.

  4. Isn’t that odd? I have a tendency to say the “just” without even realizing it, and have had others on set tell me the same thing you’re saying…trying. to. stop.

  5. Hollywood, being a system of one-upmanship, looks the other way at little white lies. You aren’t somebody until you’ve deceived your way out of the entry-level intern job, said you are 7 years younger than you are, and created a talk-of-the-town development deal out of a rejection letter from Hugh Jackman’s office assistant.

  6. Simple and true. I’ve told PA’s and entry-level folks of all stripes to drop the “just” for years. You’re in the door. That’s huge.

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