Why Are You Terrible at Everything?

In response to yesterday’s announcement of a new UTA Joblist, Deran asked:

I don’t see anything in this post besides the title…am I doing something wrong?

Yes. You are doing many things wrong, most of which are beyond the scope of this blog.

The link to the UTA Joblist is at the top of the page. In the middle. In bold.

234 other people have managed to find it. As I’ve said in the past, if you can’t find it, perhaps you’re not qualified to be a PA.

Here’s a little diagram to help you locate the list next time:

Now all you need is two hands and a flashlight...
234 people agree, your argument is invalid.


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6 Responses

  1. If:

    1) you can’t find it yourself; and
    2) you feel insulted by the above blog post

    – then you are definitely unqualified to work in this business.

  2. You cannot see it via RSS feeds, and the countless programs that interpret them, as well your mobile view. Maybe you should have a bit more courtesy/common sense, and either link to your subject matter in your post like the rest of the sites on the internet, or maybe if you’re not able to do so, you’re not qualified to be a blogger. And that my man, is a very low bar.

  3. The dude commented ON THE SITE. Doesn’t matter what the RSS shows. If he can’t bother to LOOK UP, TAPA’s right, he’s not qualified to be a PA.

  4. Not sure if you realize, but when one reads your blog in Google Reader (or presumably other similar programs) all that’s visible is the title and the post. This guy probably *literally* did not see the link in the header.

    So, yeah … Maybe a little less bitchy attitude from you would go a long way. Insulting people is unbecoming, and I would imagine that people skills are important in your job.

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