Job Postings on TAPA

I just received an interesting email from reader Ashley–

Not sure if you do this sort of thing, but can I make a request to post a job on your site? I’m a personal assistant to a lit. film agent at a major agency, and since he just got me a reading job there, I need to find a replacement as soon as possible! I’ve already posted the position onto UCLA and USC’s career sites, but I want to diversify my candidate pool.

And I realized, I don’t actually have a place for job posting, outside of the usual UTA Joblist page.¬†And then I realized, I’m the one who makes the pages!

So, now there’s a page on TAPA just for job listings. Ashley’s is the only one there, now, but if you’re looking for a PA or assistant, please email me at anonymousproductionassistant at gmail dot com, and I’ll post it right away. No charge, no hassle (other than the 1,500 resumes you’ll be bombarded with).

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