Help! I Need Some Direction in Life and I Feel You Are the One to Help Me!

Krista writes:

I’m graduating in May from college. Even though I majored in advertising, the film industry has always been interesting to me. If I’m able to land some type of internship in this industry, what are the work hours usually like for a PA? 9-5pm, 6-12pm…? and how much do you work on weekends…..?

Considering how dire the subject line seemed, I was pretty surprised by this email. “What are the work hours?” isn’t your typical cry for direction in life.

That being said, I was a recent college grad once. As I’ve mentioned before, I graduated from the Overpriced Film School and had no clear idea what the hell to do next. I did what every college graduate does… I did nothing.

I moved back home. I drove my little sisters to school then watched DVR’d episodes of LAW & ORDER. I considered it an accomplishment if I accomplished one “thing” per day. Examples of “things”:

  1. Putting gas in my car
  2. Applying for a job
  3. Seeing a movie at the $2 theater

It was a dark time. Thankfully, that Joycean period of my life ended after six months or so. I got a job at a children’s talent agency (that I hated). I moved out of the house. I re-entered society.

If I could give “direction” to a soon-to-be college grad, I’d say the following:


Don’t be afraid to take the wrong job. If you can afford it, take a no-pay or low-pay job. Take risks. Learn to love the taste of failure (and ramen). Stop going to college parties. Always accept a free meal. Try hard to do what you want. Don’t believe what people tell you (including me).

(To answer your original question, PAs typically work twelve hours a day and hardly ever on weekends, unless you’re on a non-union show. In that case, all bets are off.)

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5 Responses

  1. My wife went to school here to beocme a medical office administrator. There are a lot of people here already doing that type of work so she started doing collections for a hospital. She is still doing the collections job. If you do move here, be sure you have a job to go to first! And good luck with your new career.

  2. O = Office
    POC = Production Office Coordinator
    APOC = Assistant Production Office Coordinator

  3. Since we are talking about abbreviations, what are POC and APOC? I see it when I think you’re talking about the production coordinator, so is it like producer of coordination or something? Where does the O come from??

  4. If she’s shooting for set work, expect 14-16 hour days and Saturdays aren’t always out of the question on union shows. Depends how the schedule is set up. I’m starting a show that will consistently shoot from Saturday until Wednesday to avoid the labor day holiday (I’m assuming?). Granted, I know you’re talking office stuff (btw you have a set PA consistently reading the blog).

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