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In honor of a movie I have absolutely no intention of seeing, I’d like to create a database of bosses. Similar to, without the cartoony graphics.

Of course, the criteria for a good boss are different than for a good professor. (Except for hotness; we’ll leave that column.) Truth be told, I have a had time compressing my thoughts on any of my former bosses to a numerical value. Some thought do occur to me, though–

  1. How demanding is s/he?
  2. How patient is s/he?
  3. Is s/he a yeller? (might go with the above)
  4. How specific is s/he?
  5. Does s/he play favorites?
I’m hoping you guys might have some other ideas for rankings, as well. Five or six metrics for how enjoyable or difficult your production is going to be. I think there should be room for qualitative comments, as well.

Since this blog focuses on production, I’m mostly interested in those positions that directly supervise PAs: production coordinators, APOCs, 1st ADs, 2nd ADs, etc. UPMs, Line Producers, and producers might be helpful, as well.

Let’s get this database started right away. Please email me with any and everyone you’ve worked for. If you have ideas for categories to rank bosses in, post them in the comments; that way, everyone can see and discuss.

(Don’t invert those instructions, or your old boss will know you hate him, even though he’s hot.)

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  1. Hey, did this Boss Database ever get off the ground? I looked up top (of course) and took a gander at the right side column, but didn’t find anything.


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