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Scott writes:

I was told by someone that a gmail address is “more trusting” in the industry rather than using another free email or your own domains email. What do you think?

The most important factor in an email is not what comes after the @ sign, but instead, what comes before. Sure, a Gmail account is as legit as they come (it’s the modern day equivalent of the 213 area code), but not to worry. Your hotmail account won’t keep you out of any Hollywood parties. Hotmail, Yahoo, and are just fine, as well. (Unless it’s

It goes without saying (but I’m gonna say it anyway) that you should update your email address if you’re still using that cutesy one you created in the eighth grade so that you could set up your LiveJournal. and SexMaster1985@hotmail.com1 aren’t exactly free passes onto the lot at Warner Brothers or Disney. Similarly, if your email address is, you’re probably not going to get hired as a PA on that show (or any other show, for that matter).

You can’t go wrong with

Lastly, a personal email domain isn’t a disadvantage, unless you’ve got your personal blog up on that same domain. You know, that blog where you complain about your shitty boss and leak scripts of Fringe for all your friends back home… Yeah. You might want to take that down.

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  1. Sadly, I know the guy who – in high school – went by He has since upgraded to a more mature
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  1. Any of those email addresses sound good, Edward… unless your last name happens to be Norton, Cullen, or Scissorhands. In those cases, you come off like a crazy fanboy.

  2. very useful blog about professional email address. Thank you so much for sharing such a valuable information.

  3. I was in a bridal party once where everyone’s e-mail was They signed everything with a 😉 as well. However they were all aspiring to be housewives so I guess they didn’t need anything professional.

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