That’s All, Folks

Some of you may have noticed it’s been a while since my last post. Then again, some of you may not have, considering the 500 or so readers I still get every day. (Weird.)

There’s a lot of reasons for this, including that awkward feeling you get when you haven’t posted in a while, that the next post had better be Important and Momentous.

So, that’s what this post is. And the reason this post is Important and Momentous is… it will be my last.

Not the last. My last. I hereby announce my search for the next anonymous production assistant.

Over the years, several people have sent me stories, or told me stories on set, and I’ve appropriated these to be in my own voice. The next logical step is to simply hand over the writing to someone else altogether.

This really only makes sense. The job of a PA will continue to evolve, even when I’m old and gray. (I’ve had UPMs tell me stories about mimeograph machines, and carrying quarters around so they could call the office from pay phones.)

Before that happens, I’d like to pass the torch on. Let’s hear stories from someone who had a Facebook account in high school, who doesn’t remember a time when the Soviet Union existed, who has never used a cell phone to actually speak to someone.

I’d really like to keep this blog going, even if I’m not the one doing the writing. Do you think you could be the next TAPA? Email me now.

Sleep well, I'll most likely kill you in the morning.
You see, no one would surrender to the Dread Pirate Westley.


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15 Responses

  1. I’m making a career switch from hospitality to what you would call the Industry. I just stumbled across your blog yesterday and have read every single post!
    Funny thing is, I think that part of the reason I love your blog is that I’ve dealt with the same crap you have and I, too, am expected to do it with a smile. “Say Yes” is a hospitality mantra, too. At least the majority of your dicks are honest about it, whereas the majority of mine usually start off along the lines of “I’m sorry to be a bother” or “I don’t want to cause trouble.” They play the game to get what they want. If they don’t get it, they raise hell until you get your manager, where they become normal human beings again, making you think, “Oh. That’s where demons come from.”

  2. Awwww. I’ll miss reading your posts, but understand completely! I very much reluctantly clicked on the link “haven’t posted in awhile” with one eye closed wondering if it would be me…sigh of relief!

    Best of luck in your endeavors, and maybe start a new blog as you continue up the production ladder!

  3. Sad to see that you, yourself, won’t be continuing this! It was definitely an inspiration to read, especially for me who has just been starting out in the industry as well.

    Good times! Can’t wait to see who takes over!

  4. I’m very sorry to see you go — your blog was one of the best. Somehow, though, I have a feeling we haven’t seen the last of you. I hope you can find a worthy successor to carry the torch — the PAs (and wannabe PAs) of this world need a clear, strong, snarky voice to guide them through the Hollywood labrynth.

    Good luck in your new ventures…

  5. I am just starting in the PA world having just graduated from University. However I live in England and so do not work at in the depths of Hollywood so I don’t know if this would be an issue? Otherwise I’d say thew fact that I’m just beginning may be a good case to be the successor.

  6. Sorry to see you go. I’ve enjoyed reading you, but I’ve got confidence you’ll find the right replacement.

    I will, however, approve wholeheartedly if they change their moniker to The Dread PA Roberts. Most apropos.

  7. I saw a new post in my reader and I almost did a fucking flip in joy. Now I’m depressed and want to cry. I’ve read every post.

    I’d joyfully take over the reigns, but I’m running my own blog now — delving into the PA world and helping out where I can. This blog was a huge inspiration to me and one of the big reasons I started my own.

    You will be missed. Maybe we will cross paths on set someday… and I wont even know it. I hope your reasons for leaving are good ones. Take care in life.


  8. I’m sad to hear this, but I think it’s a great idea. So many blogs just disappear. This is a great plan to keep it going. I’d like to try for it, but those are big shoes to fill. It will be interesting to see how this plays out.

  9. This makes me sad. =(

    Boo hoo.

    I enjoyed reading this. And on top of that, I’m about to start college… so I won’t even be getting to PA work for a while.

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