Other People Work Hard, Too

I saw this video on a couple friends’ Facebook pages recently:

I can definitely sympathize with the coordinator in this video. All day long, the only thing we in the office hear from the ADs are stupid requests for things they already have, or things we don’t even have yet.

Of course, from their perspective, we probably don’t look like we’re doing anything.  Every time an AD comes into the office, they see us typing away at our computers.  They can’t tell whether we’re doing serious research or updating Facebook.

The truth is, the office is constantly dealing with requests, everything from travel to toner.  Requests come in all day, every day, from every department.  We’re like the post office: people should be fucking amazed that they get anything at all, not complain when it’s a day late.

On the other hand, the office staff should be more understanding of the ADs.  They work under a tremendous time pressure, and sometimes the ADs just can’t keep track of what’s in their inbox.

On the other, other hand, some ADs really are just morons:

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8 Responses

  1. @Haley – the biggest difference is, a PA gets paid. Interns generally don’t. You’ll find this business is ALL about who you know – referrals are how almost everyone gets going. Great job on the referral! Hopefully it snowballs from here!

  2. Thanks for your Blog of awesomeness!

    So, I just got an interview to be an Art Dept. intern on a new Showtime series (yay!), and I had two questions for you. 1) What is the difference between a PA and an Intern on set? 2) This comes after weeks and weeks of sending resumes and NO response. When I originally called about the job, it had been referred to me by a well known Production Designer (after many annoying emails asking if he had any contacts for me). This definitely gave me an in, and when I sent in my resume, they said that I had an amazing resume and were so excited to meet me. Does this mean that NO one looks at resumes unless they’re referred, and all the sending-resumes business I’ve been doing has been for nothing?

  3. Hey Meg,
    Don’t know if you work in the industry or not but these are hilarious. They’re flying around my office like wildfire.

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