I won’t waste time rehashing my feelings on PA Bootcamp [sic].  That’s what the search bar is for.  Here’s the short version: What’s the point?

Yesterday, though, Robert called my attention to Streetlights, “a nonprofit job training, job placement and mentoring program which provides opportunities for employment in the entertainment industry for economically or socially disadvantaged young minority men and women.”

A quick scan of their website shows that the PA training they offer is free. Now, some might say, “You get you pay for.”  However, it’s a fundamental axiom of this blog that a monkey can do my job; I don’t see how someone could teach you to do it incorrectly.

Furthermore, Michael says:

Streetlights has been around for nearly twenty years — I remember working with some of their PA trainees on commercials back in the early to mid 90′s. They were good kids, too — I hope they made it further up the Hollywood food chain.

Thus, I’m gonna go ahead and recommend Streetlights, assuming you’re an economically or socially disadvantaged young minority man or woman.

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6 Responses

  1. Streetlights has saved my life! I graduated from film school and had no prospects. Since January I have been working non-stop on commercials and TV shows. Their bootcamp is like putting you through the ringer. Most important thing I learned is have a good attitude and don’t argue. I’m working now towards a union apprenticeship and Streetlights is guiding me the whole way. It is like a family and people recognize me on set as a SL grad because we are always working the hardest!

    1. Training program ok. Must kiss @#! They have their favorite who always get placed……Most of the student (s) are college grads and “NOT “Socially disadvantage. I could not play their game…..nor would I allow Sara , Adele and Dorothy to have control my Dream. Happy for all the students who made it Congrats to all.

    2. My question for Cintia. Did Streetlights tell you it is time for you to go for a union apprenticeship or you went on your own. DId you ever have to be a PA for 50 dollars per day too

  2. Great place for training…..The instructors treat their students like @!*@ Ive learned this from many graduates 2010 to present

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