The Sincerest Form of Flattery…

And here I thought I was the big PA in the blogging world.  Turns out, according to The Hollywood Temp Diaries, I’m “an imitator.”  Nevermind that I started my blog only two weeks after TempX did, nor that I’ve never heard of The Hollywood Temp Diaries until I got linked to it last week.

After reading Temp X‘s two-year anniversary post, I immediately did my due diligence, and learned that he got about half as many unique visitors in March as I got total hits.  (Those numbers are apples and oranges, but my blog doesn’t even register on, so, advantage Temp Diaries.)

A quick glance around the site reveals that it’s professional and well-written.  You’ll also notice blurbs from the likes of the New York Times and Creative Screenwriting Magazine.

Now, a lesser man would be intimidated by these facts. He might think, “Man, I’m one of MovieMaker Magazine’s top 50 bloggers, but this guy gets quoted on CNBC.”

But not me.  Oh, no.

Instead, I got really, really depressed.  I was quite happy with three or four hundred hits a day (six or seven on a good day). I may just be a PA, I’d think to myself, but at least I have the best darn PA blog on the internet. Now I don’t even have that to hold on to.

Maybe this is one of those cases where I should take my own advice, and recognize that persistence is not sufficient.

But, damn it, this is not meant to be a pity party.  I’m not fishing for compliments.  (Well, I am, but no more than usual.  I’m still an insecure writer with a desperate need for attention.)

Instead, I’ll make it a challenge. I’m going to write every day, and I’m going to ask you, my loyal readers, to pass this blog around to your friends.  And if they pass it to their friends, and they to theirs, eventually, someone at the LA Times or Variety or CNN will read, enjoy, and comment on this blog.

And maybe then my daddy will love me.

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11 Responses

  1. I just have to tell you that I prefer reading your blog to the other. It feels more down to earth and easier to relate to. So thank you for that. =)

    By the way, I posted a link to your blog on my facebook page…here’s to getting it into the hands of someone at CNN

  2. Eh, I like your site better.

    Like Amanda, I basically read all of your posts in a few hours as soon as I found it. You’re funny in a heavily sarcastic way that doesn’t make me want to plug up my ears like that other guy does.

    Besides, as a film student, I prefer stories that help me understand the industry, not bullshit.

    So keep it up, you’re quality is good enough that quantity doesn’t matter. But if you care about the numbers…well, that’s Hollywood’s influence.

  3. Tell ’em to sit on it and spin. I never heard of Temp Diaries until now. If you can’t write every day, then don’t. It’s not about quantity, but quality. I find your posts very entertaining even though you post sporadically. That’s why I keep coming back.

  4. I’ve never heard of Temp Diaries before. I went there, subscribed, and read about 20 articles. Didnt like it. They post way too much about way too many topics. Some days they review shows. Some days they hate nikki finfe. Some days they whine about their bosses. The amount of posts where i could actually substract any usable knowledge whatsoever (apart from temp’s apparently being intolerable whiny bitches) was minimal.

    I dont subscribe to these industry blogs to hear “blablabla my boss sucks lol”. I dont give a shit. I wanna learn what the job is like. How it works. How it fits in the rest of the industry. What the caveats are, what the fun things are, what to expect, etc. And hopefully told in an entertaining style. That’s why i follow your blog.

    Numbers dont mean shit. That video of the star wars kid has a trillion pageviews, that doesnt mean he’s an expert on anything. Keep doing what you’re doing and enjoy yourself doing it. And yes, post more. But not because it’s gonna get you more numbers or ranks or whatever, do it because you want to and have something to share with us.

  5. I find your entries more entertaining than the Temp Diaries (which I had never heard of until now).

    And more updates = win for me

  6. canadaniela:

    Yes, I do spend plenty of time at the computer, despairing that I’ll never work again and have to go back home to live in my parents’ basement.

    Not a mood conducive to writing. 🙂

  7. wow to be honest I never even considered temp diaries to be all that interesting/helpful when I followed a link to it. I check it every few weeks, whereas I check your blog every day (along with michael and peggys! holy trinity of industry blogs!).

    I stumbled across this blog about 8 months ago trying to learn more about the DGA Training program and I’m almost ashamed to admit I had the time… but I read all of your posts in 2 days. I couldn’t get enough. I may not comment a lot but I have read each entry and i’ll admit I geek a little when you respond to my comments haha (hey PA’s can be semi-internet-blog-famous right?)

    anywho, just thought i’d bump up your ego a few notches. I don’t really mind when you disappear for a few days if you don’t actually have anything to say. I guess it makes the new ones more exciting.

  8. well, when you keep disappearing for a month at a time due to things like “job searching” (and in my world, job searching means you’re at your computer more often than not), you can’t expect your readers to stick with you….

    Yes, write ever day. A good start towards domination in the blog world.

  9. I wouldn’t worry about it. I stumbled across the “Temp Diaries” a long time ago, and although it can be very entertaining, I don’t check in very often. Your blog, on the other hand, I check every day — not that such persistence has been rewarded much of late. But I understand the deal — we all swim in the same free-lance sea, and trolling for work takes time.

    A little of the Hollywood Temp goes a long way. He seems obsessed with being snarky (in a very bitchy way) about things that really don’t interest me — like Nikki Fink…. which makes me wonder if maybe he actually envies Ms. Fink, and deep in his heart of hearts, wants to be a Hollywood gossip just like her.

    The fact that he feels compelled to label you an “imitator” pretty much says it all. Peggy Archer (“Totally Unauthorized”) was writing an Industry blog years before any of us, and she’s never felt the need to point an accusing finger at those who came later. She’s much too classy for that.

    The Hollywood Temp is many things: smart, witty, and snarky as hell — but classy?

    Not so much.

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