I know a guy who started out working in porn.  Not in porn, but as a cameraman.  Although he did admit he’d have to wrap his arms around a big, sweaty, greased up hunk of man in order to get some of the more interesting angles.


The point is, he told me it was exciting and titillating at first, but after a while, he got tired of the old “Boob, boob, boner, boob, ass, boob, boner” routine.

I was reminded of this yesterday, when we were scheduled to blow up a house.  The producer was packing up, and I asked if he was going to set to watch the big stunt.

He rolled his eyes and said, “I’ve seen thousands of explosions in my twenty years on the job.  I don’t need to watch another one.”

And this wasn’t just any explosion.  We blew up an entire house!

Maybe I’m young, but boobs and explosions (or explosions and boobs, if you prefer) bring such joy to my life that I don’t know if I want to be in this business long enough to get bored of them.

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2 Responses

  1. I’m as big a fan of boobs as you’re likely to find, and having survived a misspent youth making and blowing up many varieties of pipe bombs, am imbued with an innate enthusiasm for the magnificent firey blast.

    But — and you knew a “but” was coming, so to speak — until you’ve actually crewed on a porn shoot, you’ll never understand what your cameraman friend is trying to say. Yes, the right-before-your-very-eyes coupling is undeniably interesting for a day or two, but at a certain point you reach saturation.

    By day six, belive me, you really don’t care anymore — you just want it to be over.

    In time, I recovered my unbridled enthusiasm for the female form, but once you’ve worked on one, you’ll never look at a porn flick quite the same way again…

    Nice photos, by the way — the boobs AND the explosions…

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