It’s Rather Easy Being Green, Actually

In recent months, there’s been much discussion of shows “going green.” Don’t believe a word of it.

I heard on some entertainment show or other that a particular show-that-shall-remain-nameless is reducing paper by giving all of the actors Kindles.

I happen to know a guy on said show. When I told him about the story, he laughed heartily and said, “Oh, God, no. That’s just a bald-faced lie.”

I <i>thought</i> I was saving the environment.
I thought I was saving the environment.

Which makes sense. Can you imagine giving an actor a (relatively) expensive piece of electronic equipment, even one with a single button? These people can’t make it from their trailer to the stage without getting lost. (For those of you not in the business, oh God, I wish I was kidding.)

From what I hear, all Fox shows got rid of plastic water bottles, which is probably more of a cost-saving measure disguised as concern for the environment. Instead, the crews are given reusable metal bottles.

But not the actors, of course; they’d lose the bottles.

On my show, the only noticeable changes are that all of the office lights now use those cute, twisty energy-saver bulbs, and they’ve installed motion sensors in the bathroom.

I’m more than a little embarrassed to note that, after delicious Mexican lunch from the catering truck, I was in the bathroom so long that the lights turned off. On the plus side, I have empirically proven that I can, indeed, find my asshole without the aid of a flashlight.

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2 Responses

  1. I’m sure there are more ways to go green on a film set than just change the water bottles… ???

    How about digital cameras, not wasting film?

    Anything that can save energy? Be used less?

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