This morning, the showrunner’s assistant came in the office and asked our intern, “Which pot has the decaf coffee in it?  The orange or the brown?”

The intern replied, “I think orange is always decaf.”

“It is.  That was just my polite way of making sure you knew.”

Makes me wonder how many questions he asked me were actually quizes.

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7 Responses

  1. I was hired as a producer’s assistant after the old assistant got a bump up to creative executive.

    I went to the office of the newly annointed “CE” and I glanced at his computer screen. He was monitoring my computer. My e-mails were on his screen, the producer’s call sheet and schedule, a couple projects I was working on… everything!

    I was a little caught off-guard, but I pretended not to notice. I wondered when they were going to shove my head in a box and make me “rat out” my girlfriend.

    Yes, working in Hollywood is not like working in any other industry in the “real world.”

  2. It’s amazing to me how people talk like this just because they’re in the film industry.

    Where in your life did something go wrong, y’know, what was that moment, at what age was you dropped on your head that in turn made you the kind of person who would talk like that. It’s incredible to me.

  3. A conversation soon to be overheard in the office:

    Showrunner’s asst: “Big Ginormous Star A” who has a walk-on in tomorrow’s scene missed the last flight from Vegas and she’s got a 5:00am make-up call. Set up a charter and be quick about it.

    Office P.A.: ::stares while crickets chirp::

    Showrunner’s asst: Well, got on it. This is important!

    Office P.A.: Uh…this is another test, right?

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