I’ve found a distinct lack of sympathy for my current joblessness.

In the business, you’re in and out of work all the time.  You get used to it pretty quickly.  But when you’re friends and family hear that your show just got cancelled, you get barraged with, “Oh, I’m so sorry!  Do you have another job lined up?  It must be so hard to be looking for work all the time.”

Not so anymore.  Now, my friends with regular careers are finding themselves out on their asses, too.  I say I’m out of work, and all I get is, “Yeah, well, at least you’re used to it.”

It’s getting to the point where jobs like this are starting to look good:

$400 EASY FEMALE JOB (Santa Clarita)

Looking for a gorgeous female to walk around my house naked and/or in lingerie. 3 hours every evening Monday to Friday. Pay is $400 a week. We might go to dinner sometimes, sometimes watch movies, sometimes exchange business ideas and sometimes just hangout. Hours are 7 pm to 10 pm This is job is very real and will go fast so provide me with the following:

– a few pictures (2 minimum)
– body measurements such as height weight chest size waist size and hip size
– contact information such as cell number

If anything from the above list is missing or if you just ask questions without sending pics, you will NOT receive a reply

That’s actually worse pay than a PA gets.

By the way, what’s the motivation behind asking for measurements?  If she’s pretty, what difference does it make if she’s 36D or 36DD?

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4 Responses

  1. “…what difference does it make if she’s 36D or 36DD?”

    Spoken like someone who’s never been with a 36dd. Seriously, my fiance came home the other day after a bra fitting for her wedding dress (apparently most women never do this) and asked me to guess her size to which I repled, “thirty six double awesome.”

    And I was right.

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